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What Happens if I Disturb the Peace in California?

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Disturbing the peace is kind of a blanket term in California. If you’re charged with disturbing the peace, it basically means that you did something to irritate someone. Examples of this can include anything from deciding to mow your lawn in the middle of the night to playing really loud music, getting into a fight, and even using language that someone near you found offensive.

The truth is that the police frequently get calls about disturbing the peace. While they always respond to these calls, they don’t always file charges. An example of a case where they might decide to skip filing charges and simply issue a warning is if a neighbor calls the police and complains that you’re swearing is disturbing their peace. In this situation, the police might ask you to clean up your language or at least swear quietly. They may also ask some questions to see if there’s an underlying and potentially illegal reason why your neighbor is so irritated with you.

On the other hand, if you’re throwing a party and the police have had several complaints about the noise, it’s likely that they will decide to press charges of disturbing the peace.

When you review Penal Code 415 PC, which discusses disturbing the peace in California, you’ll learn that people who are convicted of disturbing the peace are:

“(1) Any person who unlawfully fights in a public place or challenges another person in a public place to fight.
(2) Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise.
(3) Any person who uses offensive words in a public place which are inherently likely to provoke an immediate violent reaction.”

If a disturbing the peace case makes it to trial, the main thing the prosecution must prove to secure a conviction is that the defendant willfully disturbed the peace. This is one of the main reasons many police officers issue a warning when they originally responded to a disturbing the peace call. It’s easy for a defendant to say that they didn’t know they were disrupting someone the first time a call is made. It’s harder for them to claim they weren’t willfully doing something that they knew irritated others the second, third, or fourth time the police are called.

The maximum sentence connected to a disturbing the peace conviction is a 90-day jail sentence and/or a $400 fine.

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How to Respond to a Stalking Situation

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There’s nothing funny about being the victim of a stalking situation. It’s a crime that often quickly escalates and can end in violence. If you suspect you have a stalker, there are a few things you should do right away.

Take the Situation Seriously

Don’t assume that you’re simply feeling a little jumpy or that you’re making mountains out of molehills. One of the reasons so many stalkers are successful is that they do a good job of appearing benign at first. While you probably shouldn’t immediately accuse the neighbor you randomly ran into a few nights in a row of stalking you, it’s okay to feel paranoid and to start taking steps to protect yourself.

Alert Someone to the Situation

The first thing you need to do is let someone know what’s happening. Not only will you feel better after you’ve spoken to someone, but they will also have your back. They are a second set of eyes that can see if someone is lurking each time you go out. The more people who are in on the situation, the less risky it becomes.

Record Everything

If the case goes to court, you’re going to have to prove that you were being stalked and how long the stalking when on. If you tell people about the situation, they can help back up your story, but you should also have a written record of everything that happened. Make sure you keep a record of each correspondence, seemingly random encounter, unwanted gift, and spotting that occurred.

Shake Up Your Routine

Make it hard to keep tabs on you. While you may not be able to change where you work or live, you can take different routes each time you travel. You should also change the times you go out and the locations where you shop.

Contact the Police

If things don’t change or if the stalking seems to be escalating, it’s time to get the police involved. Take your evidence to the police station, present it to the officers, and arrange to have a personal protection order (PPO) filed against the person who has been stalking you.

What steps have you taken to extract yourself from a stalking situation?

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What Happens if You Fail to Stop and Submit to an Inspection

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In California, commercial drivers are legally required to stop and submit for a vehicle inspection. Failing to do so results in serious repercussions. You could even be sentenced to jail time!

The law that deals with commercial failure to stop and submit to an inspection is California Vehicle Code 42002.1 VC. The code very clearly states that any commercial driver who fails to stop and submit to an inspection is guilty of a crime.

The interesting thing about the law is that it hits commercial drivers who have a criminal history significantly harder than drivers with a clean records. Examples of individuals who will be charged and likely convicted include:

  • Commercial drivers who failed to follow the instruction of a police officer or firefighter
  • Commercial drivers who ignored rules about height, length, width, and perhaps most importantly, the weight of their commercial rigs

The only convictions that will haunt commercial drivers are those that are a direct violation of California Vehicle Code Section 2800 VC. Convictions of other California laws will not incur criminal charges if the driver fails to stop and submit to an inspection.

While commercial drivers who have a prior history of violating California Vehicle Code Section 2800 VC are required to submit for inspections, it’s important to note that it only applies while they are driving a commercial vehicle. If they are in a personal vehicle that’s not used for commercial purposes, they are not exempt from the inspection and can’t be criminally charged.

One of the very interesting things about failing to stop and submit for an inspection is that it’s one of California’s only wobblette crimes. That means that it could be handled as either a traffic infraction or a misdemeanor.

If it’s handled as a misdemeanor and it’s the first time the defendant has been convicted of this particular crime, the maximum sentence is a $50 fine and/or five days in a county jail.

If it’s the second time in a twelve-month period that the driver has been convicted of this crime, the maximum sentence is a $100 fine and/or ten days in jail.

For third and subsequent convictions in a single year, the driver can expect to be fined $500 or sentenced to six months in jail.

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How to Protect Yourself from a Break-In

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The tragedy of the Idaho murders has caused all of us to question how safe we really are. Suddenly we’re wondering if our locks, doorbell cameras, and security systems will prevent us from a break-in. The good news is that there are some things you can do to make sure you’re safe while you’re at home.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re in the habit of locking up your home, both while you’re away and while in residence. This doesn’t just mean bolting the front door. Go through your house and make sure all the doors that lead to the exterior are locked. Next, do the same with your windows. This is also an excellent opportunity to check the quality of your locks. Make sure that they are in good repair and that they actually keep the door and window locked.

Don’t Be Ostentatious

Don’t make your home look like an appealing risk to would-be robbers. This means you shouldn’t leave your expensive toys lying in the driveway. You also shouldn’t brag about all the valuables you have in your home. Living a quiet life and keeping all of your treasures tucked away might not seem like fun, but it will keep you and your personal property safe.

Be Smart with Your Spare Key

The best thing you can do to keep your home safe is to fit your door with a keypad and routinely change the code, but if you still use a key to open your doors, don’t leave a spare key tucked in a flowerpot or under your welcome mat. In fact, don’t leave the key anywhere outside where it could be found by a would-be thief. Keep your key on your person or tucked in a safe place in your car.

Burglar Proof Your Front Yard

Burglars are attracted to homes that provide a great deal of natural coverage or places where they can hide whenever someone drives past. Removing hedges, shrubs, sheds, and trees that are near your home will deter them. You should also set up a few motion-activated spotlights, yes, any passing wildlife will activate the lights, but they will also cause a burglar to look for a different place to rob.

The best way to make sure your home remains safe, especially while you are away, is to be discrete about what you share on social media. Don’t talk about your vacations and other trips until after you’re home. The last thing you want is to broadcast the fact that your home is unprotected.

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Do You Remember Your Rights?

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Let’s take a little history lesson, a rather important one. In grade school, we learn about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These rights have protected the people for over 200 years and continue to do so, so it is imperative for the people to know their rights and know if and when they are being out of line, or if they are ever abused by another party. So, do you know all ten bills? 

  1. Freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition. The people are allowed to speak freely, gather with others, practice any religion (or no religion), and speak up to the government. The press may cover this.
  2. Right to keep and bear arms. While it this always very debatable between protecting the state versus individuals, this Amendment protects the right to gun ownership. 
  3. Conditions for quarters of soldiers. The government may not force the public to house soldiers.
  4. Right of search and seizure regulated. The people may deny the government’s request to search their body, property, and belongings unless there is a warrant.  
  5. Provisions concerning prosecution. A person may not be held in custody for committing a crime unless they are charged. (There is a time frame from the arrest that the government must formally charge the arrestee, or let them go.) A person cannot be tried twice for the same crime and doesn’t have to testify against him or herself. 
  6. Right to a speedy trial. This Amendment guarantees a speedy trial. Defendants are allowed to have a lawyer.
  7. Right to a trial by jury. This is held in federal civil court. 
  8. Excessive bail, cruel punishment. Bail must be reasonable and punishments must be fair. 
  9. Rule of construction of Constitution. Aside from the aforementioned rights, other rights for the public do exist. Just because they are not listed above doesn’t mean they can be violated. They cannot.
  10. Rights of the States under the Constitution. Any power not given to the federal government belongs to the states or people.

Now that you’ve freshened up your memory, you can take a more proactive take on your daily routine. You know what you are and are not allowed to do. If someone is infringing on your rights, speak up! 

Carl’s Bail Bonds Tulare County is here to help protect some of these rights in the ways we can: bail. We produce bail bonds for people who have been recently arrested. Our bail bonds “replace” paying for 100% of the bail in cash. Instead, you’d pay only 10% of it to us, and we take care of the rest from there.  Give us a call with any questions, concerns, or need to get a bail bond for yourself or another person. 

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How Many Times can you be Convicted of DUI in California Before Permanently Losing Your Driver’s License?

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It’s no secret that if you’re caught driving while under the influence of an illegal amount of drugs or alcohol in California, you’ll not only be arrested and fined but you’ll also be convicted of a misdemeanor and have your driver’s license suspended. In most cases, the hassle of losing their driver’s license and finding alternative means of travel is the worst part of having a DUI conviction. Even for a few months, not being able to drive convinces most drivers to be mindful of how much they imbibe before sliding behind the wheel.

While most people learn their lesson after a single DUI, there are always exceptions. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, some drivers make the same mistake a second time. At this point, many panic about the long-term impact the second conviction will have on their driving privileges and start worrying about just how many DUIs they can have on their record before they permanently lose their California driving privileges.

Anyone who has passed their 21st birthday and is pulled over for suspicion of DUI and has a blood alcohol content (BAC) that is 008% or more will have their driving privileges revoked. The first time this happens, your driver’s license will be suspended for four months. Each time after that initial charge during a ten-year period, the suspension will last a full year.

The situation goes from bad to worse if you refuse to take a BAC or breath test when you’re pulled over by a patrol officer. In this situation, your driver’s license suspension will last for an entire year following your first DUI experience. If this is the second time you’ve been arrested for a DUI offense and refused the test, you’ll be suspended for two full years. The third and subsequent time this happens, your driver’s license will be suspended for a full three years.

Suppose you’re charged with a DUI while you’re currently on probation for a DUI offense. In that case, your California driver’s license will be suspended for an additional year in addition to the traditional suspension period. You will also face the serious legal consequences of driving on a suspended license and probably some other traffic violations as well.

The best way to ensure you don’t lose your driving privileges is to be smart and always have a designated driver or ride-share plan when you go out for a night of fun and drinking.

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Tips for a Peaceful Holiday Family Gathering

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Tis the season when many of us are getting together with both our immediate and extended family to celebrate the holidays. While this is supposed to be a fun time that is full of joy and shared memories, all of us are painfully aware that whenever a family gathers, there’s always a chance that an argument will break out.

While you might not be able to completely prevent family discourse over the holidays, there are some things you can do that will help you maintain the peace during gatherings.

Know Your Limits

Before getting together with your family for the holidays, take a few moments to access your mental and emotional health. Are you in a good state of mind or do you feel like it wouldn’t take much to push you over the edge? Take another moment to determine how much time you can spend with your family before you find your emotions starting to unravel. Commit yourself to only spending that amount of time at the gathering before you make your excuses and leave. Don’t be afraid to leave early if your family becomes too much. It’s far easier to apologize for leaving early than it is to apologize for getting into a massive argument with your siblings.

Don’t Bring Up Old Problems

Treat this family gathering as a blank slate. Old arguments, complaints, and other issues should be pushed aside and allowed to rest. If you have a problem with how a relative has treated you in the past, try to avoid that particular relative at this particular gathering. Once the holidays are over, you can always call them and try to resolve the issue.

Evaluate Your Attitude

You may not be able to do much about your cranky uncle or bickering parents, but you can do something about your attitude. Instead of approaching the family gathering with a chip on your shoulder, convince yourself to be tolerant and cheerful. This is one of those fake it until you make it situations, when you’re cheerful, even when you’re forcing yourself to be, you’ll notice others respond positively to you. Before you know it, your good attitude will have shifted the gathering’s entire atmosphere and everyone will be having a good time.


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4 Things Police Look for When Searching for Drunk Drivers in California

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Most of us have been there at least once in our lives. Even though we were perfectly sober at the time, the police pulled us over for a seemingly silly reason. The reason the police do this is that they have been trained to recognize these relatively minor driving issues as signs that the driver is impaired.

Driving At a Certain Time

It might not be fair, but there are certain times when you’re more likely to be pulled over for a suspected DUI than others. The most common time is between 2 and 3 in the morning. This is when the bars close and people are driving home. Not only are there fewer cars on the road which increases the likelihood of you catching a patrol officer’s eye, but most people who are on the road at that time of the night are leaving a bar or club. This is why so many bartenders are pulled over after they’ve left work.

Driving too Slowly

Weirdly enough, driving too slowly is one of the best ways to be pulled over for a suspected DUI. While there are a few different reasons people will drive slowly, DUI is the most common one. While every person is different, most people who are inebriated drive slowly because their reflexes aren’t as sharp as normal and they’re overcompensating and being overly careful. Not only will the extremely slow driving catch the eye of a passing patrol officer, but your slow driving can also be a road hazard.

Erratic Acceleration and Deacceleration

If you’re rapidly accelerating and deaccelerating for no apparent reason, you shouldn’t be surprised when you spot red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. The inability to gauge how heavily you’re pressing down on the brake and gas pedal are early indicators of inebriation.


Swerving in and out of your lane isn’t just a sign of a potential DUI, it’s also dangerous. When you’re drunk, the swerving indicates that you’re having a difficult time staying focused, that you’re not in full control of your motor skills, and that there’s a serious risk of you getting into a serious accident.

Even if you haven’t been drinking, if a cop spots you swerving all over the road, there’s a good chance that in addition to issuing a sobriety test, they’ll also give you a ticket for erratic or reckless driving.

California’s patrol officers are extremely good at spotting individuals who are DUI and will not hesitate to pull you over and issue an immediate sobriety test. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure you always have an alternate way to get home, such as a designated driver or a ride-share pickup, when you’re going out for drinks.

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Who is Liable When You’re Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

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Slip and fall accidents happen. While they are sometimes the result of simple clumsiness on your part, in most cases, a slip-and-fall accident has a specific trigger. Examples of a trigger include a piece of torn carpeting that catches your toe, a piece of ice laying on a linoleum floor, or someone failing to pick up a product that you don’t see and trip over it.

Whenever you are injured in a slip and fall injury, there is always a great deal of debate about who is financially responsible for the incident.

In a perfect world, your health insurance company would handle all the bills connected to the slip and fall incident without any question.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. The reality is that as soon as your insurance company learns that your injury was sustained during a slip and fall incident, they will start trying to pin the blame and the financial responsibility on the property owners.

California has something called duty of care which is designed to provide anyone who is harmed in a slip and fall incident while they are on another person’s property. When it comes to injuries, the duty of care lands squarely on the shoulders of whoever leases, owns, or is in control of the property where the incident took place.

In some cases, the property owner’s insurance may calmly accept that their client was responsible for the incident and will pay out the claim without any hesitation. In other cases, the insurance company may balk, forcing you to create a civil lawsuit and use the law to get the financial compensation you feel you’re entitled to.

When you file a civil lawsuit in a slip-and-fall case, there are a few things you will need to prove before you will win your case. There are four criteria that must be met before the judge will side with you against the plaintiff.

  • You must prove that the plaintiff was in control of the property and therefore legally responsible
  • That the plaintiff was negligent in their care of the property and that you were injured as a direct result of this negligence
  • That your injuries were sustained as a direct result of the slip and fall incident
  • Had it not been for the plaintiff’s negligence, you would not have been injured

Proving that the defendant was negligent isn’t always as easy as you might suspect. You can’t simply file a civil case against them and expect that the court will side with you. The judge is going to want to see some evidence that the defendant has a history of negligence and that they understood that their failure to keep the property safe could result in a slip-and-fall accident.

For example, if you tripped and fell because a stair wasn’t properly repaired and there was no evidence that the property owner had attempted to make the stair safe, you will probably win the case. However, if you tripped over the stair and were hurt because your shoelaces weren’t properly tied, you’ll probably lose your slip and fall case.

Another example would be if a warning sign was put out when a store manager washed the floor. If the signs are out and you ignore them, walk across the wet floor, and are hurt in a fall, you’re liable for the injuries. However, if the store manager failed to put out the wet floor signs, they will be liable for your injuries.

Don’t expect to be able to retire on what you make from your slip-and-fall case. In most situations, you’ll get little more than your medical bills and lost wages in the settlement. The only time large punitive settlements are awarded in slip-and-fall cases is when you’re able to prove that the person in charge of the property was grossly negligent.




How to Clear your Criminal Record

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Having a criminal record adversely impacts your life. Depending on the severity of the convictions, your criminal record can make it difficult for you to find housing, establish relationships, and secure some jobs. The fact that you’re living in the technological age where anyone with internet access has the ability to locate your criminal history makes your criminal record even more impactful than it would have been twenty or thirty years ago.

The good news is that with some charges in California, it’s possible to clean up your criminal history and have the charges removed from your history, therefore lessening the negative impact your poor choices have on your future.

The first thing you need to understand is that while it’s possible to have some convictions removed from your criminal history, not all types of convictions are removable. The more serious the offenses, the less likely you’ll be able to get them removed. The second thing you should understand is that while you may be able to remove some of the convictions from your record, there will remain a history of the court case and investigation so it’s possible that someone who is interested enough to really dig deep into your history will find a trace of your criminal activity.

Expungement is the term used to describe the act of cleaning up your criminal history in California. While many minor offenses are eligible for expungement, if your sentence included you spending time in one of the state prisons, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to clear your record.

You also must have successfully completed every single aspect of your sentencing before expungement even becomes a possibility. That could include serving time in county jail, performing community service, finishing probation, and making restitution.

Once you’ve completed your entire sentence, you can petition the court about getting the charges expunged from your criminal history. It’s important to note that not everyone who files for expungement will have their request granted. However, if the offenses were minor, there’s nothing to show you’re going to be a habitual offender, and you’ve completed your sentence in a timely manner, it’s likely your request will be granted.

The best thing about having your record expunged is that once the process is complete, future employers and landlords won’t find any criminal history when they perform a background check, making them far more likely to accept you for a position on their team or as a tenant.

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What Happens If Your Car Fails a California Inspection

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You aren’t allowed to own and operate any old junker on California’s public roads. The state fully expects you to keep your car in good repair and to make sure it’s not releasing any more air pollution than necessary. California can enforce this code by insisting that all registered vehicles routinely go through a vehicle safety inspection. The hope is that by making sure all vehicles pass the basic inspection, there will be fewer break-downs, fewer accidents, and less air pollution than there would be if drivers were allowed to drive anything they wanted

When you’re driving a newer vehicle, these inspections aren’t anything to worry about, but as your vehicle ages, you’ll find yourself worrying about what will happen if it fails the inspection.

The first thing to remember is that the California vehicle inspection isn’t an intense, bumper-to-bumper examination where the inspector makes note of every little potential issue your vehicle has. They are only looking at basic things that include:

  • Obvious leaks
  • Carbon emissions
  • Fluid levels
  • Mechanical integrity

One of the main reasons vehicles fails the inspection is because they no longer meet the state’s requirements regarding carbon emissions. If the vehicle’s sensors aren’t working or there is some problem with the exhaust system, the inspector will alert you to the issue. They won’t fix it. At this point, it’s up to you to get your vehicle to a good mechanic so they can address the problem and get your car street-legal again.

If you’re worried about your vehicle failing the carbon emissions portion of the inspection, you can take it to your favorite mechanic and have them test the vehicle and repair any issues before the inspection.

The good news is that if your older vehicle fails the carbon emissions test or if the inspector notices anything else that causes your car to fail the inspection, you don’t have to get rid of your car or park it in the garage until it’s fixed. The DMV gives you a full 90-days to correct the problem. As long as you get the issue dealt with and the vehicle passes its next inspection, you’ll have no trouble renewing your vehicle’s registration.

If the problem isn’t corrected in 90-days, the state doesn’t take your vehicle away, but they will refuse to register it, meaning it can’t be legally driven again until it receives a passing inspection.

What steps do you take to make sure your vehicle is inspection ready?



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How to Confirm that Candy is Safe After a Fun Night of Trick-or-Treating

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Ever since 1974 when Ronald Clarke O’Brian gave his son Halloween candy that was laced with a fatal dose of poison, everyone has been worried about the possibility of their own child ingesting fatal candy

It’s easy to understand why parents are fearful. Kids are going door to door and stocking up. Some of the kids will often eat their bounty as they walk from one home to the next. All the kids know is that they are getting a rare, sugary treat. The idea that it could be dangerous doesn’t even cross their minds.

Parents know that while the vast majority of people who answer their door on Halloween night and pass out candy are good and decent people who wouldn’t dream of handing out toxic candy, they also know that there’s always a chance that their child could cross the path of a dangerous psychopath who doesn’t like kids.

The good news is that there are some steps parents can take to make sure their child only enjoys safe candy this Halloween.

The first thing you need to do is commit yourself to watch your child like a hawk. Don’t assume that just because you told your child that they weren’t allowed to eat the candy until you have a chance to inspect it that they’ll listen. Stay close to your child and make sure they aren’t sneaking treats. This is why it’s good to have a couple of adults accompanying your child while trick-or-treating. The more adult supervision there is, the less likely it is that your child will take advantage of you looking away for a moment and grabbing a piece of candy.

As soon as possible, take a moment to inspect the candy. Commercially wrapped candy bars are great because it’s easy to inspect the packaging for signs of tampering. While broken seals and holes in the package don’t necessarily mean that the person who handed out the candy laced it with something harmful, the packaging does occasionally become damaged, the damage does mean you can’t let your child have it. 

If the candy’s packaging is damaged, make a note of the address, keep the candy away from your child, and bring the candy to the police for testing. Do not confront the person who passed out the candy. 

Another way you can make sure your child enjoys Halloween but doesn’t end up with tainted candy is by avoiding the act of going from one stranger’s door to another. Instead, look for businesses that have collaborated and put together a trunk and treat event for the kids. These events have turned into a wildly popular solution for parents who want to minimize the risks connected to trick-or-treating but who also want their kids to enjoy Halloween.

Your third option is to limit your trick-or-treating to the homes of trusted family members and friends who you know will only hand your child candy that’s safe.

Have fun and stay safe the Halloween!

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California’s Car Seat Laws

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Every parent who has an infant knows that they’re supposed to have a car seat installed in their vehicle. They even know that it’s state law. What some parents don’t know is how important the car seat is and the consequences of having a car seat that doesn’t meet current safety standards, that isn’t properly installed, or that isn’t properly fitted to their child.

According to Car Buyers Guide, “in a recent study, the RSA inspected 5000 child seat installations from the public and found that over 4000 of them needed adjustments of some kind to ensure optimum safety.”

California’s lawmakers used Vehicle Code 27360 VC to address the issue of car seats. The law clearly states that:

  • Children under the age of 2 must be properly restrained in a rear-facing car seat
  • Children under the age of 8 must ride in the back seat and be safely restrained in an age/size appropriate safety seat.
  • The child must be secured into the safety car seat in a manner that complies with both height and weight limits that are to be specified by the car seat manufacturer.

Common Mistakes Parents Make

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common mistakes parents make when it comes to the car seats they’re using include:

  • Purchasing a used car seat without making sure it isn’t more than 6 years old, hasn’t been involved in an accident, hasn’t been subject to a recall, and has no indications of damage or structural problems that could endanger a child.
  • Failing to properly install the car seat
  • Failing to properly restrain the child before driving
  • Reclining the car seat so that the child isn’t at the correct and most safe angle
  • Switching their child to a forward-facing car seat before the child is ready

The first time a driver is ticketed for not following California’s car seat laws, they’ll be issued a ticket. $100 of that ticket pertains to not having the child properly restrained. Court fees and additional charges will also be added to the ticket. After that initial ticket, the fine connected to not properly restraining the child is $250.

In some cases, the ticket for not having a child properly restrained to a child seat is the least of the driver’s worries. In many situations, the driver will also face charges of negligence and child endangerment.

It doesn’t matter how big a rush you are in, always take the time to make sure your child is safe before you hit the road.





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Top Internet Scams

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Shortly after the internet was created, the internet scam was born. It’s amazing the number of different ways the internet has been used to scam different people. It seems like every single year, a new scam hits the virtual world and people start falling for it. While new internet scams are interesting and you should stay on top of the newest scam trends so you can identify the early warning signs, some have withstood the test of time.

Here are the top internet scams of all time.

Email Phishing

Email phishing is a type of internet scam that’s nearly as old as email itself.

Email phishing is a type of scam that involves a con artist sending out emails that look like they come from a legit organization or person. The main purpose of these types of emails is to collect personal information, particularly credit card numbers, which the scammer then uses for their benefit.

One of the most famous email phishing scams is the pseudo-Nigerian prince who used to send out emails asking for donations.

Tech Support Scams

Tech support scams are becoming increasingly common. This type of internet scam works because we’ve grown so accustomed to using virtual tech support options. The difference is that the virtual support you’ve sought out is usually legit. The tech support scams never are.

The way tech support scams work is that someone either calls or emails you. They claim to be from a major computer system company, security company, or common tech store. They then launch into a spiel about how they believe you’re computer is infected. Not only does the malware infection negatively impact your computer’s performance, but the tech support con artist will also explain how it could compromise your identity and steal credit card information.

The problem is that your computer isn’t currently infected. The con artist plans to place some malware on it that will allow them to collect your sensitive data. They do this in a manner that’s both easy to fall for and hard to trace.

Social Media Fraud

Social media fraud is an internet scam that doesn’t get quite as much attention as it should. The idea behind social media scams s that someone will connect with you via a social media channel. They often do this by posing as your friend. They can do this because they create a mirror account that not only uses your friend’s name but also their profile picture. They will usually send a private message that starts as a friendly conversation but quickly turns into a desperate plea for money.

The two best ways to make sure you don’t fall victim to a social media scam are contacting your friend directly and asking the scammer specific questions. If they don’t provide you with the type of answer you’d expect from your friend, report the fake account.


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The Difference Between Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants

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Many people don’t realize that bench warrants and arrest warrants are two different things. While both have the same end result, you get arrested, they’re handled in two very different ways.

What is an Arrest Warrant

Before an arrest warrant can be issued, a judge has to sign off on the document. This happens when a new crime has taken place and the police present the judge with enough evidence that you could have been involved. The arrest warrant doesn’t mean that you’re guilty, it simply means that a judge agrees that the police have a legal right to require you to speak to them about the case.

Something that some people don’t realize is if you’re arrested without an arrest warrant that summarizes the crime you’re suspected of or if there is insufficient probable cause to justify the arrest warrant. One of the things a good defense attorney looks at is the probable cause connected to the search warrant. If there wasn’t sufficient evidence, it’s possible they’ll be able to get the arrest warrant dismissed so you can go home.

What is a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is another warrant that gives law enforcement the right to arrest you but it’s not the same thing as an arrest warrant. Bench warrants are issued when you do something like fail to appear in court. Most police officers don’t actively go after people who have a bench warrant sworn out against them. A vast majority of people who have bench warrants issued for them are caught during traffic violations.

It’s not a bad idea to contact a criminal defense lawyer and ask for their help with the bench warrant. It’s likely that they will guide you through the process of contacting the court house and rescheduling.

If you suspect that a bench warrant has been issued for you, it’s in your best interest to be proactive about the situation. Rather than spending all of your time looking over your shoulder or stressing that each time you go a few miles over the speed limit you’ll be arrested, you should resolve yourself to settle the matter once and for all.

When dealing with an outstanding warrant, you seek out the services of a good defense attorney. Not only will they be able to confirm if there an outstanding warrant has been issued for you, but they will also help you through the initial booking process, help you decide how to handle bail, and guide you through the hearing.

You won’t believe how much better you feel once you’ve resolved all the legal issues surrounding an outstanding warrant and are able to resume your life without having to worry about being arrested.


The Consequences of Vandalism in California

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Vandalism is a crime that’s often connected to some sort of strong emotion. An angry neighbor slashes a set of tires. An angry lover spray paints a crude message on an ex’s door. A disgruntled employee throws eggs at their boss’s vehicle.

California lawmakers define vandalism as deliberately and maliciously damaging, destroying, or defacing property that belongs to another. The legalities of vandalism in California are addressed in California Penal Code 594 PC. It states:

    “(a) Every person who maliciously commits any of the following acts with respect to any real or personal property not his or her own, in cases other than those specified by state law, is guilty of vandalism:

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What is Considered Prowling in California

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If you’re caught wandering around a private property there’s a good chance that in addition to trespassing charges, you’ll also be charged with prowling.

Prowling is dealt with in California’s Penal Code 647i PC. It defines a prowler as a person, “who, while loitering, prowling, or wandering upon the private property of another, at any time, peeks in the door or window of any inhabited building or structure, without visible or lawful business with the owner or occupant.”

Prowling in California is handled as a misdemeanor. If you’re convicted, the maximum sentence is up to six months in a county jail and/or a $1,000 fine. In many cases, prowling is added to other charges which can include stalking, trespassing, violating a personal protection order, and harassment. The additional charges will likely influence the final sentence.

There have been cases where a person was charged with prowling but the charge was ultimately dropped. This frequently happens when the defendant can prove that:

  • They had permission to be on the property
  • They didn’t know it was private property
  • They had a justified reason for being on the property
  • They were falsely accused

The best way to make sure you’re not falsely accused of prowling in California is by documenting every time you’ve been permitted to be on the property. Showing the arresting officers why you were looking around the property (such as you were looking for a lost pet,) and making sure you contact the property owner for permission. If you thought you were on public land only to be accused of prowling on private property, use evidence such as maps to illustrate how such a mistake is understandable.


DUI Conviction Following a Suspended License

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One of the consequences of a California DUI conviction is that you’ll lose your driving privileges. The county courthouse where you were convicted usually doesn’t waste any time when it comes to contacting the DMV and letting them know that your license has been suspended.

For many of us, the loss of our driver’s license is about more than simply a loss of independence. In many cases, especially for those who live in rural areas, it means you can no longer earn an income.

In a perfect world, you would be able to use public transportation in order to get back and forth to your job while you wait for your California driver’s license to be reinstated following your DUI conviction. While this plan works in the larger cities that have buses, in rural areas, public transportation isn’t available and many live too far from the workplace to easily walk to work.

Too often, individuals who have a suspended driver’s license because of a DUI conviction decide to ignore the fact that they’re not legally allowed to drive and continue driving themselves to work and to other places. While this seems like it may not be a bad idea, everything changes when you’re caught driving on a suspended license following a DUI conviction.

Many people assume that driving on a suspended license is a simple traffic violation. They assume that if they’re caught, they’ll get a ticket and have to pay a fine. That’s not the case at all. The truth is that driving on a suspended license in California is a misdemeanor, meaning that if you’re caught and convicted, you’ll have another criminal charge on your record. If you’re convicted, the judge could sentence you to spend anywhere from 10 days to six months in a county jail and order you to pay a fine that’s as large as $1,000.

That’s for the first time you’re convicted for driving with a suspended license following a DUI conviction. The second time you’re caught driving with a suspended license, the potential consequences include a fine as large as $2,000 and up to a full year in a county jail.

If your license has been suspended, it’s in your best interest to convince someone for a lift or to appeal to the court about the possibility of restricted driving privileges which would at least allow you to drive yourself to and from work.