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How to Confirm that Candy is Safe After a Fun Night of Trick-or-Treating

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Ever since 1974 when Ronald Clarke O’Brian gave his son Halloween candy that was laced with a fatal dose of poison, everyone has been worried about the possibility of their own child ingesting fatal candy

It’s easy to understand why parents are fearful. Kids are going door to door and stocking up. Some of the kids will often eat their bounty as they walk from one home to the next. All the kids know is that they are getting a rare, sugary treat. The idea that it could be dangerous doesn’t even cross their minds.

Parents know that while the vast majority of people who answer their door on Halloween night and pass out candy are good and decent people who wouldn’t dream of handing out toxic candy, they also know that there’s always a chance that their child could cross the path of a dangerous psychopath who doesn’t like kids.

The good news is that there are some steps parents can take to make sure their child only enjoys safe candy this Halloween.

The first thing you need to do is commit yourself to watch your child like a hawk. Don’t assume that just because you told your child that they weren’t allowed to eat the candy until you have a chance to inspect it that they’ll listen. Stay close to your child and make sure they aren’t sneaking treats. This is why it’s good to have a couple of adults accompanying your child while trick-or-treating. The more adult supervision there is, the less likely it is that your child will take advantage of you looking away for a moment and grabbing a piece of candy.

As soon as possible, take a moment to inspect the candy. Commercially wrapped candy bars are great because it’s easy to inspect the packaging for signs of tampering. While broken seals and holes in the package don’t necessarily mean that the person who handed out the candy laced it with something harmful, the packaging does occasionally become damaged, the damage does mean you can’t let your child have it. 

If the candy’s packaging is damaged, make a note of the address, keep the candy away from your child, and bring the candy to the police for testing. Do not confront the person who passed out the candy. 

Another way you can make sure your child enjoys Halloween but doesn’t end up with tainted candy is by avoiding the act of going from one stranger’s door to another. Instead, look for businesses that have collaborated and put together a trunk and treat event for the kids. These events have turned into a wildly popular solution for parents who want to minimize the risks connected to trick-or-treating but who also want their kids to enjoy Halloween.

Your third option is to limit your trick-or-treating to the homes of trusted family members and friends who you know will only hand your child candy that’s safe.

Have fun and stay safe the Halloween!

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GoFund Me Crimes

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GoFund Me has been a wonderful tool. It’s allowed people, non-profit organizations, and more to quickly raise money for important causes and emergencies. While many great things can be said about GoFund Me, as always, there’s also a dark side. Shortly after GoFund Me started making waves, scammers flocked to the site and started working a variety of cons.

Albert Lonzo Adams III is a perfect example of someone learning how to use GoFund Me to run a scam and earn money. In Adams’ case, people thought that they were helping dogs in need. On his GoFund Me page, Adams explained that he was the owner of the Soaring Paws Charity which flew to various locations around the country and collected dogs who would otherwise be euthanized.

People loved the work they thought Adams was doing and generated an enormous amount of money to his GoFund Me campaign. During the four years that Adams was actively using GoFund Me, he managed to raise over $140,000. He also created a new campaign that was going to help him purchase another plane.

Eventually, some people became suspicious of Adams GoFund Me campaigns and an investigation was launched. It was discovered that Adams was collecting the donations under false pretenses and using them for personal use. He was arrested and eventually charged with multiple counts of organized fraud and making a false statement in support of an insurance claim.

Adams isn’t the only one who has created a GoFund Me fraud. Others have found that the donation platform is a great place to run a scam.

The good news is that there are some ways you can make sure that the money you’re about to donate to a GoFund Me campaign is going where it should.

The first thing you should do is run a reverse image scam. Many fake charity organizations like the one Adams ran will use pictures the orchestrator of the scam has found online. If a reverse search reveals that the images are consistently coming from a source that doesn’t match the GoFund Me organizer’s name, don’t give them any money.

Make sure the campaign has generated at least some comments. In most cases, the first comments posted shortly after the campaign goes live will frequently be from friends and family. These types of comments give the campaign credibility.

Look into the organization’s history, if you aren’t able to find any history then see that as a massive red flag and hang onto your money.

The best way to make sure you don’t accidentally fall into a GoFund Me page trap is by only donating to causes that you have a personal connection to.


Criminal Trespassing in California

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When you read through California Penal Code Section 602 you’ll learn that it’s illegal to come onto someone’s property without the owner’s permission. While this doesn’t mean you’ll face criminal charges each time you have to use someone’s driveway to turn around or when you stop in at a neighbor’s home to inquire about a lost pet, it does give the property owner the right to tell you that you’re not welcome on the property.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you’re on someone else’s property and they request that you leave, failing to do so right away gives the property owner the right to call the police and file trespassing charges against you.

Refusing to leave a hotel or restaurant is another way trespassing charges can be filed against you.

Don’t assume that just because a person’s property is a business, that you can’t potentially be charged with trespassing. There have been cases of people who have gotten into a dispute with business owners/employees/other customers being arrested for trespassing after they entered the business and did things like harass people or refused to leave.

The majority of the trespassing cases that make their way through the California court system or considered misdemeanors. The maximum sentence for a guilty conviction is six months in a county jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

It’s important to understand that it’s not uncommon for trespassing to be added to a list of additional charges that can include violating a personal protection order, property damage, assault, etc. When a judge looks at the additional charges they could decide to hand out a maximum sentence. If the trespassing charges look relatively minor and nothing indicates that you’re a habitual offender, the sentence could be minimal.

Aggravated Trespassing in California

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