What Counts as Sexual Harassment?

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What Counts as Sexual Harassment?

There are plenty of beautiful people in the world. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s always nice to appreciate beauty, but in polite ways. You can’t just catcall some random person on the opposite side of the street. That is considered sexual harassment. There are ways to show appreciation for beauty, but you need to be aware there is a fine line between compliments and sexual harassment.

There are several types of sexual harassment. One type of sexual harassment is “quid pro quo” which means “this for that”. This kind of sexual harassment usually occurs in a career or educational setting. The second type of sexual harassment is hostile environment, and can happen anywhere. This is when the receiver of sexual harassment feels threatened while the abuser is in a seat of power.

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, at any time. It also doesn’t always appear sexual in nature. It could start as just an off-handed comment. A mentor, teacher, co-worker, family member, friends, or a random stranger can harass you. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone at any time. It can be either verbal or physical.

Sexual harassment does not discriminate, it can happen to anybody, any gender, and ethnicity. It can happen in public or in a private setting. If it ever does happen to you, it’s important that you know your rights. If the sexual harassment that you receive escalates to rape, it’s essential that you understand your rights. Your rights are as follows according to Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN):

You have the right to determine whether or not you want to report the assault to Law Enforcement.
You have the right to have an advocate present at the hospital exam and at any interview by Law Enforcement, the District Attorney or Defense Attorney.
You have the right to be treated in a considerate and sensitive manner by Law Enforcement, medical personnel, advocates, and prosecution personnel.
You have the right not to be subjected to any type of discrimination because of your gender, race, age, class, religion, occupation, or sexual orientation.

It’s important to stop and appreciate the beauty of the world, but it’s also necessary to respect people. If you admire a flower, you don’t want to cut and kill the flower. If you let the flower be, it will grow to be even more gorgeous, and produce more flowers.