The Dangers of Wildfires

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The Dangers of Wildfires

As summer strengthens its grip on California, it is important for everyone to remember to be prepared for wildfires. While the state may be out of the worst stages of the drought that plagued us in recent years, things are still pretty dry out there. That is what summer does to the state. It bakes California and dries out large swatches of plant life, which makes the perfect kindling for wildfires.

Wildfires are dangerous, costly, and very easy to start. One Washington teen learned this the hard way after starting the large Eagle Creek wildfire last year in Oregon. The boy said he tossed firecrackers into the woods, which sparked the blaze. Recently, a judge ruled that the boy would need to pay roughly $36 million in damages. That is a very steep fine for a teenager.

Wildfires spread at their will, and torch anything in their path. With the help of winds, they can spread quickly, which is why it is important to heed evacuation notices given by emergency personnel. They understand better than anyone else how wildfires operate, and you should always take their advice when it comes to wildfires.

When it comes to preventing wildfires, a person should never play with fire in dry areas. A good gust of wind and a single ember is all it takes to spark an out of control blaze. For people who live in rural areas, it is important to follow all brush clearance laws in that area. Doing so can save your home.

Wildfires are scary, and difficult to control. It is important that everyone do what they can to prevent wildfires from occurring, and to follow the instructions of emergency personnel. Doing so can save lives and reduce the cost of fighting a fire.