Friends Can Be Your Family

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Friends Can Be Your Family

When we think of the word “family” we often think of our blood relatives. We think about our parents and siblings. We cringe when we realize our family includes those aunts and uncles with opposing political views. We accept that our crazy hippy cousin is still considered family even if they believe in an alternative lifestyle. However, some of us may consider others as family.

If you have been adopted, orphaned, or your parents passed away too early, you may have an alternative idea of family. The definition of family is sharing a common ancestor, to so most people, family means the people who have your back through thick and thin. Your family can consist of you adopted parents or your friend’s family. Though they aren’t blood related, you still find them being the best family you have.

Siblings tend to have a close nit relationship, especially as they grow older. However not everyone has siblings. Friends can fill the void of siblings and be there for you just as much. If you’re constantly spending time with your friends and practically live at their house, they’re probably more like a family then you may realize.

Moving to a new place where you don’t have any family close by can lead you to leaning on your friends. Making friends in a new place is tough, but when you finally make new friends you’ll probably find yourself counting on them a lot. Living on your own without family to take you to the doctors when you can’t drive is a challenge. Having friends that take care of you when you’re grossly sick or need bail money makes them family.

The saying goes, “blood is thicker than water,” and people usually say this in reference about family. People use this quote to state that blood family will always have a stronger bond than a friend family. However, the actual saying goes, “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” meaning that a bond built over bloodshed is stronger than that one born of the same genetic makeup. Therefore, you can definitely have strong family-like relationships with you friends. Friends who fill the roles that we need in our lives are meant to be cherished.