Earth is Kind of Cool, and We Should Keep It That Way

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Earth is Kind of Cool, and We Should Keep It That Way

Just a friendly reminder that we all live on the same planet. Earth is the only planet in our solar system with life on it. Not even just life, but with water, oxygen, plants, animals, and people. Without this Earth, we wouldn’t exhaust. It’s the starting point for the human race.

The chances of us being the perfect distance away from the sun is impressive. If we were just a little bit closer, we’d burn up. If we were a little bit further away, we’d freeze. The Earth is in just the right location, and composed of just the right chemical make-up, to allow us to exist. It’s amazing and impressive.

The earth is home to billions of species, including us. All the different kinds of fish and aquatic animals in the ocean can only exist because of the perfect recipe that created earth. The land animals that roam the continents survive because the Earth has provided the correct amount of nutrition. We even survived and continue to thrive on this planet.

Without the Earth, we simply wouldn’t exist. We need Earth to survive because it provides us with everything that we could possibly need. Without the Earth we wouldn’t have been able to build the civilization that we have. The earth has given us so much, but what have we’ve done in return?

As humans we are destructive by nature. We have issues with the Earth now because of our lifestyles. We have polluted the waters with our waste, turning oceans brown and green. Forests have been harvested for lumber and paper, which causes animals to lose their homes. Our cities produce more carbon monoxide than our atmosphere can handle. It’s not a matter of if you believe in global warming or not, it’s matter of recognizing that we have damaged the earth in some way.

Earth Day is coming up April 22, and it’s a good day to remember all the benefits that the Earth gives us. It’s time to appreciate how lucky we are that have this planet, and a time to come up with ways to ensure we keep it safe for many generations to come.