Do You Dream of Naptime Being Longer? These Daycare Workers Did and Got Into Serious Trouble

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Do You Dream of Naptime Being Longer? These Daycare Workers Did and Got Into Serious Trouble

While any parent will tell you that having kids is truly amazing, they will also very likely tell you that having kids can be extremely tiresome. Children have a lot of energy and are constantly going, unlike us adults who ran out of energy years ago and still manage to plough on somehow. This difference in energy levels can make looking after children a real challenge.

Many parents would agree that one of the best times of the day, is nap time. When the kids are sleeping, they are finally calm and quiet. For an almost too brief amount of time, they cannot cause noise and trouble. Everything is peaceful and the adult looking after them gets a few moments of utter bliss. Then the kids wake up and the chaos starts all over again.

In order to prolong the quiet time, some adults resort to giving their kids sleep aide medications. This was the case at an Illinois daycare. Three of the daycare employees were caught giving the children they were watching gummy bears laced with melatonin. They were then promptly arrested.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring substance that our bodies create to help regulate our sleep patterns. The daycare workers would use the substance to help calm the children down and get them ready for naptime. The cause for dilemma here is the fact that these workers were giving substances to minors without the parent or guardian’s consent. As soon as the daycare managers learned of this, they reported the workers to the police.

Parents were understandably shocked when they learned of what was going on. Melatonin may be a natural sleep aide, but only a parent can decide if they want to give any substance to their children.