DMV on Saturday

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DMV on Saturday

The California Department of Motorized Vehicles (DMV) has answered our cries and are finally tossing us a bone. They’re providing relief from being stuck at work all day then being stuck in line at the DMV. We no longer have to rush over to the DMV before it closes during the week. The California DMV will soon be open on Saturdays.

This means that we can now torture ourselves six days of the week with the DMV. We can listen to the monotonous dinging of “now serving…” on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. However, don’t get too excited, because only certain DMVs will be open on Saturdays. Those DMV locations will be as follow:

• Bakersfield
• Bellflower
• Chula Vista
• Clovis
• Concord
• Costa Mesa
• Fresno (Olive Avenue)
• Fullerton
• Granada Hills
• Hawthorne
• Hayward
• Lancaster
• Lodi
• Los Angeles
• Modesto
• Novato
• Oakland (Claremont Avenue)
• Palm Desert
• Pasadena
• Pleasanton
• Poway
• Rancho Cucamonga
• Redwood City
• Riverside East
• Roseville
• Sacramento
• San Francisco
• San Jose
• San Luis Obispo
• San Marcos
• Santa Clara
• Santa Monica
• Santa Rosa
• Stanton
• Temecula
• Thousand Oaks
• Tracy
• Van Nuys
• Visalia
• Yuba City

The DMV will start being open on Saturdays this summer. Some locations will start on June 16, and June 23. Beginning in July 2018, the remaining California DMVs will be open on Saturdays. Though this gives us an extra day to go to the DMV, we only have access to limited services. Some locations won’t be offering drivers test on Saturdays. To find out what services will be offered, contact your local DMV.