California Yoga

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California Yoga

Yoga seems to have taken over the state of California. Maybe it’s because the laid back nature of yoga coincides with the lifestyle of many Californians. Yoga even floods most of our social media accounts. It really has taken root and life here in the Golden State. If you’re already a yogi and enjoy the practice, you may have heard of a bunch of different places to practice. If you’re new to yoga, you’ll be interested to know that there are plenty of unique places to practice.

Instead of practicing alone in your living room, try namaste’ing outside. In Northern California, in a town called Redding, there’s an outdoor yoga studio. It’s not just outdoor, it’s actually on the water. There is a group of folks who practice yoga on paddleboards in the water. You think finding your balance is hard on solid ground, try balancing on water.

If you’re not keen on the idea falling into water, no worries, there’s always hot yoga. When you think of yoga you think of harmony and peace, not pouring sweat. However, there is a new trend of hot yoga popping up all around California, particularly in Long Beach. Hot yoga is when they turn up the temperature in the studio like sauna. This causes you to pour sweat while practicing. It’s kind of like expelling all your negative thoughts.

If you’re looking for some less intense yoga, there’s always cat yoga. If cats aren’t your favorite animals you can probably find yoga studios with goats, puppies, or even rabbits. Some studios bring in cute cuddle creatures to help you relax. A Santa Barbra yoga studio brings in cats, so while you are in your downward dog, you can be staring into a pair of adorable feline eyes.

The variety in yoga studios makes yoga even more personal. The practice itself is not a one shoe fits all kind of deal. Your yoga experience will be completely different from the person next to you and that is because your body is unique to you. This is probably why California has embraced yoga. The diversity in yoga echoes through California’s unique residents.