A Bro for Life

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A Bro for Life

Siblings are the best friends that can’t ignore you. They’re the only other person in the world that has the same kind of experiences growing up as you. They keep you humble, and pull pranks on you. Sisters and brothers keep our heads attached sometimes. Growing up is difficult, and having siblings helps, especially growing up with a brother.

Brothers tease you and torture you all through your life. Somehow that has made you tougher and given you an amazing sense of humor. Your brother used to drive you crazy, especially while growing up. He would tease you and keep you humble. He would point out how vain you were every time you took a picture. Brothers keep you humble to a point, but also taught you how to be stronger. Because of all his teasing, you realize that it can now take a lot to make you mad.

Brothers are there for you when you go through a breakup. They may not always act like they care about you, but they do in their own way. Whether its bad breakups or fallouts with friends, your brother was always there for you in ways you didn’t expect. Brothers may not always be emotional, but they are protective and you’re their family.

Brothers are always going to be brothers, even in jail. If you brother is in jail or has recently been arrested, your relationship may be a strained. Just don’t forget that he is your brother and has always been there for you. It could be your turn to be there for him. He is your family after all, and he’s irreplaceable.

Siblings are great because they understand you. However, brothers have a special role in our lives. They may have pulled your hair or wrestled you to the ground, but it was secretly all for your benefit. Without the help from your brother, you may be in a different situation in life. Brothers are always brothers, and they never get a day off. They are always there for you, so why not be there for them too?