Your Significant Others Back Bone

Being in a relationship is great, most of the time. You get to do cute couple stuff, and post adorable pictures all over social media about your love life. You get to have someone to embrace whenever you want. They are also like your partner in crime.

There are a lot of benefits to being with someone. First of all, being in a relationship with someone means that there is someone who cares about you. It’s nice to feel wanted. It’s nice to have someone to miss and love one. You also have someone to do things with. They are also are permanent plus ones to any friend hang out or family gathering. Your aunts and grandma don’t nag you about not having anyone because you actually have someone. Being in a relationship is great, to a point.

That is until your significant other decided to do something dumb. If they pull pranks on you, you may get a little bit annoyed. If they ignore your messages and leave you on “read” you’ll probably be angry with them. Leaving someone on “read” is this generation’s equivalency to being stood up on a date. Being left on “read” also often leads to ghosting, which is when a person completely vanishes out of a person’s life. The person who is ghosting leaves no trace of their existence and blocks all ways of communication. If your significant other does this to you, you may be furious.

The thing about being left on “read” or being ghosted is you never know why, and also people can mistakenly identify being ghosted. For example you may think your loved one left you on “read” or ghosted you, but in reality they may have been arrested. When people get arrested they don’t have access to their cell phones.

If that was indeed the case, then let Carls Bail Bonds help you reconnect with your loved one. Once you call us, we can begin the search for your loved one, and help you find them. We’re ready for your call 24/7, including holidays. You won’t need to worry about when you call us.

Once we locate your significant other in the jail system, we can start the process of bailing them out. With the correct information, we can finish the paperwork and post the bond within hours of your initial call. This way, you can find out if they really are ghosting you or not. Don’t leave yourself wondering. Remember being in a relationship is great.

If you think your significant other might have been arrested just call (866) 855-3186 or click Chat With Us now. All consultations are free.