You Can Rescue Your Loved One from Jail

Everyone only ever wants what is best for their loved ones. They want to see their friends and family member’s successful and happy. People do not want to see any of the persons they care about stuck behind bars. It can be a horrifying thought, think about a loved one in a jail cell. Luckily, there is usually something that can be done.

In most cases, when a person is arrested, they are granted bail. The amount for bail varies from case to case and is dependent on a variety of factors, including:

• Crime accused of.
• Person’s criminal record.
• Risk posed to community.
• Likelihood of fleeing.

A judge weighs all of these factors before deciding on a bail amount. Once a bail amount has been set, a person can pay that to the court in order for their loved one to be released from jail for the remainder of the trial period.

Unfortunately, bail is not very cheap in California, however, there is a cheap and affordable alternative. A person can get a bail bond from Carls Bail Bonds. Bail bonds only cost 10% of the full bail amount, and can be paid off with a payment plan. Here at Carls Bail Bonds, we customize each payment plan to match the clients’ unique budget. With our help, clients are able to afford the cost of their loved one’s bail.

If you have a friend or family member who was recently arrested, do not worry. You can get him or her bailed out of jail easily with help from Carls Bail Bonds. You can trust that we know exactly what we are doing, we have been helping Californians with bail for over 30 years.

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