Do Not Lose Hope at the Sight of a High Bail Amount

Finding out about a family member’s arrest can be heart wrenching. You never thought someone you cared about would be arrested. When something as shocking as this happens, it can be easy to lose hope, especially when you learn that your loved one’s bail is several thousands of dollars. You don’t think you will be able to afford to post bail, which means he or she will have to stay in jail for months during the trial process.

You should not give up hope so quickly. There is a way to get your loved one out of jail at a much more affordable cost. You just need to talk to a bail agent here at Carls Bail Bonds. We have been giving Californians hope for the last 30 years by making bail bonds more affordable for everyone.

We are able to offer qualified clients a 20% discount ono the price of the bail bond. This way, our clients only have to pay 8% of the full bail price, not the usually required 10%. Qualifying for this discount is simple. All we need to give a client the discount, is for one of the co-signers of the bail bond to be: a union member, a member of AARP, a member of the military, or a homeowner. As long a co-signer meets one of those requirements, the bail bond will only cost 8% of the full bail price.

This discount may not sound like much, but it can add up to a lot of savings for people with high bail amounts. This discount has allowed thousands of people to bail out their loved ones, something they couldn’t afford to do before the discount. If you need to bail a family member out of jail, do not lose hope at the sight of their bail amount. Carls Bail Bonds can make the bail bond far more affordable for you.

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