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The Benefits of Using a VPN

By | Bail Bonds in Kings County

A VPN is a virtual private network. The purpose of a VPN is to provide you with a layer of privacy and security while you’re using the internet. VPNs first became popular when people started to go to public places, such as coffee houses and hotels to use the internet, but have since become a crucial tool for people who use the internet to earn a living, including Youtubers, bloggers, and podcasts hosts.

When you are using a VPN, your internet connection is encrypted. This means that no one can use the internet to spy on you while you are doing things like checking online bank balances, updating social media accounts, and working from home.

If you’re not already using a VPN when you log into the internet, there are several reasons why now is the time to start doing so.

The biggest challenge people face when they log into a public wi-fi network while not using a VPN is that they make it possible for cybercriminals to essentially eavesdrop while they’re using the internet. This might not seem like a big deal when you’re simply reading the online version of the local newspaper or watching YouTube videos, but if you’re doing things like chatting with friends via a social media link, depositing funds into your savings account, or using a credit card to complete some online shopping, you’re giving the eavesdroppers valuable information about yourself.

Another thing to consider when using a public network without the benefit of a VPN is that you can’t be one hundred percent certain that you’re using the location’s actual wi-fi. It’s not uncommon for cyber criminals to seek out popular public locations and create a mirror of the location’s wi-fi connection. Instead of connecting to the actual free wi-fi spot, you actually connect to the cybercriminal’s account, providing them with free rein to use the connection to not only see your surfing history but to also get a peek inside your computer files and history.

One of the reasons so many professionals who use the internet to make a living, particularly YouTubers and podcasters rely on VPNs is because the VPN helps protect their actual location. They can use the VPN to make it look like they’re in a different country, which makes it harder for stalkers and crazed fans to determine where they’re located and potentially threaten the individual’s safety.

While the primary reason to use a VPN is security, there’s an added advantage. Not only can you use the VPN to hide your location from cyber criminals, but you can also hide your location from location-based services, such as Netflix and Amazon. This is especially useful when you have a subscription service that you wish to get the maximum value. For example, if you use Netflix, you can alter the VPN so that instead of simply getting access to the movies that are available to U.S. subscribers, you can also watch the movies that are available to the U.K. and other parts of the world.



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Earthquake Survival Tips

By | Bail Bond in Fresno

Living in California means you could experience an earthquake. They’re far more common than people realize. While most earthquakes are so small they’re hardly noticeable, there is always a chance that a large earthquake could occur.

The problem with a large earthquake is that not only could it do a great deal of damage and put people in danger, but it’s also impossible to predict when they’re going to occur. That’s why it’s so important to know how to respond and protect yourself if you’re caught in a major earthquake.

  • Have a specific meeting place where you and your loved ones will meet in the event of an earthquake
  • Keep several fire extinguishers in your home. Ideally, you should have one in each room
  • Make sure everyone knows how to turn off the water and gas in your home
  • Periodically go through your home and make sure all heavy objects, such as mirrors and bookcases are tightly attached to the walls so that they won’t fall and injure someone during an earthquake
  • Pack a few different earthquake prep bags that include things like a first aid kit, water bottles, and some non-perishable snacks and stash them in various places around your home.
  • Equip your earthquake survival kit with battery packs, flashlights, and warm socks

Every few months gather your family and go through an earthquake survival plan. This provides you with an opportunity to establish the best places within your home you can retreat to if there’s an earthquake. Good choices are reinforced areas such as closets and doorways. Make sure that there is nothing near these places that could fall into the same space and cause serious injuries. Remember, most earthquake injuries and fatalities are caused by falling objects.

Since it’s impossible to know when a large earthquake will happen, your family must discuss what you’ll do if you’re not home or together during a major earthquake. Establish where everyone should go and discuss who will be in charge of contacting who.

Don’t be passive during an earthquake. Once you’ve reached a secure place drop down to your knees so you’re sturdy and unlikely to fall and hit your head. Use your arms to protect your head. Stay in place for several minutes until you’re confident there won’t be any more tremors.

The most important thing to remember when you’re caught in an earthquake is to stay calm and not do anything rash.

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Rules to Remember When Renting in California

By | Bail Bonds In Visalia

If you find yourself in a position where you’re going to be renting your living space for the foreseeable future, it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with California’s laws regarding renting. In addition to checking out the state laws, make sure you explore the local laws since they can change from one zip code to another.

Periodic Leases

If you’re not sure how long you are renting, you and your landlord may decide that the best option is a periodic lease. Depending on the contract, this allows you to rent the space for a week, month, or year. 

If you are involved in a periodic lease, your landlord is required to give you advance notice if they won’t be renewing the lease at the end of the specified period. If you’re renting on a week-to-week basis, you’re legally entitled to 7 days’ notice. If you’re renting on a month-to-month basis, 30 days’ notice is required. You are supposed to give an equal amount of notice if you’re not planning on renewing your portion of the lease.

Breaking a Lease Early

 There are some situations where you’re legally allowed to break a lease early without having to worry about repercussions. These instances include:

  • If there’s an early termination clause in your rental agreement
  • If you’re dealing with a harassing landlord (you will have to collect proof of the harassment)
  • If the landlord has neglected their duties and the unit is no longer inhabitable
  • If a natural disaster or something else has rendered the unit uninhabitable
  • If you’re on active military duty and have been relocated

If you have to break the lease early, you will likely have to pay the landlord the remainder of the lease amount, but the landlord is required to provide you with a reasonable amount of assistance when it comes to finding a new tenant.

Evictions in California

If you’re renting, you’ll be pleased to learn that your landlord can’t suddenly evict you for no reason. Not only are they required to have a provable reason for evicting you, such as failure to pay rent or extreme property damage, but they are also required to give some advance notice.

Justifiable reasons to issue an eviction notice include:

  • The tenant has failed to pay their rent
  • The tenant has violated their lease (such as moving a pet into a non-animal-friendly apartment)
  • The lease has ended

In the instances where rent hasn’t been paid, the landlord must give the tenant a full three days to make good on their payments. Once the three days have passed and the rent still hasn’t been paid in full, the landlord can start the eviction process. 

When a lease violation prompts a landlord to consider eviction, they must give the tenant a full three days to correct the problem. If after three days, the tenant is still in violation of their lease, the landlord is free to contact the court and file a Summons Complaint for Unlawful Detainer

When the lease has expired or if there isn’t a formal rental lease in place, the landlord is free to evict the tenant, but only after they have provided a Notice to Quit. In rentals that have a month-to-month rental agreement, thirty days’ notice must be given before ending the lease. If the tenant has been living in the month-to-month rental for a full year or more, a sixty-day notice is required.

Whenever you are about to sign a new rental agreement or end a current one, it’s a good idea to review California’s rental laws


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California’s Marijuana Laws

By | Bail Bonds in Kings County

In 2016, registered California voters decided that they were in favor of legalized marijuana and voted yes to Proposition 64. A little over a year later, on January 1, 2018, it became legal for adults to enjoy marijuana throughout the state. What some people failed to realize is that even though it was not legal to use cannabis, there were still some rules regarding when and how marijuana could be enjoyed.

To begin, just because a person is legally an adult, it doesn’t mean they are going to be able to use marijuana. The way the state law is currently written is that you can only legally use marijuana in California if you’ve passed your twenty-first birthday. Just like with alcohol and cigarettes, anyone under the age of 21 who is caught with marijuana will face legal repercussions. Minors who are caught with marijuana in California are charged with a misdemeanor. If convicted, they can be fined and ordered to perform community service and be required to participate in a drug counseling program

The next thing to be aware of is that you’re only allowed to have a limited amount of marijuana on you at any given time. The way the law is currently written, you can only have a single ounce of dried marijuana or up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis at a time in your possession.

While you are allowed to cultivate marijuana plants in your own home, there is a limit. The state has determined the average person doesn’t need more than six plants.

Failing to pay attention to the laws surrounding the amount of marijuana you’re legally allowed to have has costly repercussions.

If the police discover that you aren’t paying attention to California’s marijuana laws and are exceeding the legal limits of recreational marijuana, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. If you’re convicted you could be ordered to spend up to six months in jail and/or pay a $500 fine.

While you are allowed to use marijuana in California, you’re not allowed to profit from it. Unless you’ve gone through the process of obtaining a license from both the state and your local government, you’re not allowed to sell marijuana, not even if you’ve discovered that you grew more than you use.

It’s important to understand that while the state has legalized recreational marijuana for personal use, actually using them involves having the property owner’s consent. That means it is perfectly legal for your employer and/or landowner to tell you that you’re not allowed to use marijuana while you’re on their property.

If you’re using recreational marijuana, remember that state law prohibits its use in public places which include sidewalks and public parks. You also aren’t allowed to have an open container of marijuana when you’re out in public.

If you plan on using recreational marijuana, you should check with your local government and see if they have any additional marijuana restrictions.


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House Arrest in California

By | Bail Bonds in Bakersfield, Carls Bail Bonds

Going to jail isn’t any fun. It’s something everyone tries to avoid, which is why so many people hope that the judge handling their case will agree to house arrest rather than a jail sentence.

Not everyone is eligible for house arrest in California, especially if the house arrest is being used instead of an actual jail sentence. For house arrest to even be a consideration during your sentencing, a few criteria must be met.

Conditions for house arrest in California include:

  • The charges can’t be for a felony crime
  • The charges must be non-violent in nature
  • Your home is equipped with a working phone
  • You must have a stable home (a history of living at the same address)

The most important component of house arrest is that you agree to wear an electronic tracking device that allows the police to easily see where you are at all times. Even though the general shape and comfort of these devices have improved in recent years, they’re still cumbersome and embarrassing to wear.

The other thing you have to understand when it comes to house arrest is that while you may not be confined to a jail cell, you’re still very limited in what you can do. The judge wants you to understand that this is a form of punishment for the crime you’ve committed. You’re only going to be allowed to leave your home to do things like go to work/school. You won’t be allowed to enjoy an evening stroll around the block, there’s no going out to the movies on Saturday night, and you aren’t allowed to go for a long drive after a long work shift.

When you’ve been ordered to house arrest in California, you not only have to submit to wearing an electronic monitoring device that lets the police know where you’ll be, but you’ll also have to provide the police with your schedule in advance. They’ll compare the schedule you provided with the data transmitted by your GPS device. If things don’t add up, you’ll be arrested a second time.

Most people find house arrest in California preferable to spending several months in jail, but it’s not a walk in the park. Problems connected to house arrest include not taking it seriously and forgetting that you have to follow the rules, growing bored when you have nothing to do but sit around the house all day, and having to deal with unexpected issues that create problems with scheduling such as unexpected problems with your work schedule and traffic delays.

What are your thoughts on house arrest in California?

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Different Types of Pleas in California

By | Bail Bonds in Kings County

Shortly after you’ve been formally arrested and charged with a crime, you’ll have an arraignment. The arraignment is your first opportunity to tell a judge how you plead.

At a California arraignment, there are three different ways you can plea:

  • Guilty
  • Not guilty
  • No-contest


A plea of guilty should be self-explanatory. When you tell the judge that you’re guilty, you admit that you committed the crimes for which you’ve been charged and that you’re ready to face the consequences. While everyone has their own reasons for pleading guilty at the arraignment, one of the main reasons they do so is because they’re hoping that by admitting to their guilt right away, they will get a smaller sentence than if the case went to trial

Not Guilty

When you plead not guilty, you’re telling the judge that you’re taking no credit for the crimes you’ve been charged with. When you plead not guilty at the arraignment, the case progresses to the next stage and often ends with a jury trial. Many people plead not guilty because they want an opportunity to negotiate with the prosecution and potentially reach a plea agreement that would result in a lesser charge or less severe sentence.


No-contest pleas are a bit confusing. When you plead no contest, you’re telling the judge that you are willing to accept the consequences of the criminal charge. In California, a no-contest plea is handled the same way as a guilty plea. When you plea no-contest, your case will go directly from the arraignment phase to the sentencing phase.

The main reason people decide to plea no-contest in California is that they are worried about civil lawsuits. While it’s true that the California criminal court views a no-contest plea as a guilty plea, the same isn’t true in civil courts. When you plea no-contest, the plaintiff in a civil case can’t say that you ever openly admitted your guilt.

The way you plea at an arraignment has a long-lasting impact on your life, especially if you’re facing felony charges. Considering how serious the situation is, you should never enter any plea without first consulting with a defense attorney.



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Teens Need to be Smart While Partying This Halloween

By | Bail Bonds In Visalia, Carls Bail Bonds

Everyone knows that the best parties happen at Halloween. There’s something about the combination of extreme sugar, spookiness, and the strange cheerful zaniness of the season that makes the parties even more memorable. It’s why so many teens spend days learning about what Halloween parties are taking place and deciding which they’ll attend or skip.

While there’s nothing wrong with going out and having a great time at local Halloween parties, teens do need to be smart and make sure they’re not breaking any laws while they have the time of their lives. 

The first thing to remember is that parties aren’t a secret like they once were. Thanks to teens using social media sites to plan and discuss parties, it’s easy for the police to use the same social media sites to gain information about the party. If they get the impression the Halloween party is going to have a lot of drug use or underage drinking, it’s reasonable to assume that they could show up on at the party site and start making arrests.

Even if the cops don’t learn about the Halloween party via social media, if someone complains about the noise or something else that’s happening, the police will put in an appearance. While they are at the Halloween Party, they will be actively looking for intoxicated teens.

This year, like in previous years, the police and courts are not fooling around when it comes to underage drinking. It doesn’t matter that it’s Halloween and that you only had one beer to celebrate. If they catch you drinking, you will face steep consequences that will have an instant impact on your life and your immediate future.

Teens who are caught drinking at Halloween parties will:

  • Lose their driving privileges for as long as a year if they’re caught driving with anything more than a .01 blood alcohol level.
  • Be fined up to $250 (plus court costs)
  • Be required to participate in drug and alcohol counseling
  • Be required to complete 24-32 hours of community service

If you’re going to a Halloween party, it’s important that you’re aware that even if you’re not actively drinking when the police knock on the door, you could still be in trouble. Just by holding a drink in your hand, you can be charged with being in possession of alcohol while a minor

If you’re a teenager, the best way to enjoy the holiday without potentially getting into trouble with the law is to make sure to only attend alcohol-free parties.

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How to Confirm that Candy is Safe After a Fun Night of Trick-or-Treating

By | Bail Bonds in Tulare, Bail Bonds In Visalia


Ever since 1974 when Ronald Clarke O’Brian gave his son Halloween candy that was laced with a fatal dose of poison, everyone has been worried about the possibility of their own child ingesting fatal candy

It’s easy to understand why parents are fearful. Kids are going door to door and stocking up. Some of the kids will often eat their bounty as they walk from one home to the next. All the kids know is that they are getting a rare, sugary treat. The idea that it could be dangerous doesn’t even cross their minds.

Parents know that while the vast majority of people who answer their door on Halloween night and pass out candy are good and decent people who wouldn’t dream of handing out toxic candy, they also know that there’s always a chance that their child could cross the path of a dangerous psychopath who doesn’t like kids.

The good news is that there are some steps parents can take to make sure their child only enjoys safe candy this Halloween.

The first thing you need to do is commit yourself to watch your child like a hawk. Don’t assume that just because you told your child that they weren’t allowed to eat the candy until you have a chance to inspect it that they’ll listen. Stay close to your child and make sure they aren’t sneaking treats. This is why it’s good to have a couple of adults accompanying your child while trick-or-treating. The more adult supervision there is, the less likely it is that your child will take advantage of you looking away for a moment and grabbing a piece of candy.

As soon as possible, take a moment to inspect the candy. Commercially wrapped candy bars are great because it’s easy to inspect the packaging for signs of tampering. While broken seals and holes in the package don’t necessarily mean that the person who handed out the candy laced it with something harmful, the packaging does occasionally become damaged, the damage does mean you can’t let your child have it. 

If the candy’s packaging is damaged, make a note of the address, keep the candy away from your child, and bring the candy to the police for testing. Do not confront the person who passed out the candy. 

Another way you can make sure your child enjoys Halloween but doesn’t end up with tainted candy is by avoiding the act of going from one stranger’s door to another. Instead, look for businesses that have collaborated and put together a trunk and treat event for the kids. These events have turned into a wildly popular solution for parents who want to minimize the risks connected to trick-or-treating but who also want their kids to enjoy Halloween.

Your third option is to limit your trick-or-treating to the homes of trusted family members and friends who you know will only hand your child candy that’s safe.

Have fun and stay safe the Halloween!