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The Dumb Internet Prank of Swatting

The Dumb Internet Prank of Swatting

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The Dumb Internet Prank of Swatting

The internet is a great tool. It allows people to get in contact with one another no matter the distance and share information across the entire world. It truly is powerful. Unfortunately, for all of the good that the internet can do, it also does some bad as well. Just like good ideas are able to grow and spread, so are bad ones.

There are a lot of dumb and horrible internet trends out there that can get a person into a lot of serious trouble. Some people follow these trends because they think it will be a fun prank to pull on someone, but it can actually be quite dangerous. A perfect example of this is the act of “swatting.” To the person who commits this, it may seem harmless, but to the victims and officers involved, it can be very traumatic.

What Is Swatting?

Everyone has heard of prank calls, and many people may have made some prank calls when they are younger. Luckily, those are often harmless, with jokes about runaway refrigerators. However, some prank calls take things too far. Often, this is the case when people decide to prank call emergency services.

Prank calling emergency services is never a good idea. It can waste their time and resources that would be much better spend helping other people who are dealing with actual emergencies. However, some people still think it will be funny to prank call the police and send them on wild goose chases.

Swatting is the most extreme kind of wild goose chase to send police officers on. Swatting occurs when a person knowingly makes a false report about a very dangerous situation in an attempt to have a lot of emergency personnel sent to a particular address. Often times, the prankster makes bold claims about their target, such as the person is armed, has taken hostages, and is barricaded in their home.

As one would expect, the police take this threat very seriously and send SWAT and other units to the given address to deal with the situation. They treat it as a real threat, and because of that, people can get hurt. In some instances, people have even been killed. This is why committing prank calls, especially in the name of swatting, will land a person in some seriously hot water. After all, the act has wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of taxpayer’s dollars as well as wasted the time of all the first responders.

California Penal Code 148.3

The act of swatting itself isn’t specifically named in any California law, but that does not mean that it is okay. Since swatting does involve filing a false police report, it does fall under California Penal Code (PC) 148.3.

PC 148.3 makes it a crime to knowingly file a false police report that triggers the response of an emergency vehicle, the evacuation of an area, or an amber alert. Typically, this is a misdemeanor offense that earns a person some fines and up to 1 year in jail. If a person is severely injured due to the false report, than the charge upgrades to a felony, which can get a person up to 3 years in prison.

However, swatting is a relatively new kind of hoax, and due to the emergency response that it creates, often comes with higher penalties, especially if someone is killed. One person found guilty of a fatal swatting incident was given 20 years in prison for his actions.

This is no laughing matter.

Swatting Isn’t Funny, It’s Illegal

The internet was created to help share information. Unfortunately, not all information is good information. The internet not only helps spread new discoveries, but also dumb trends as well. Swatting is definitely one of the dumber trends to spread across the internet. It is also one of the more dangerous ones as well.

If a person is caught swatting someone else, they will face serious charges. This is especially true if the victim of the swatting gets hurt or killed. The bottom line is that no one should ever file a police report when they know it isn’t true. Doing so could get them into a lot of trouble with the law.

What do you classify as some of the dumbest internet trends to have swept across the World Wide Web?

Do You Know What to Do When a Traffic Light Stops Working?

Do You Know What to Do When a Traffic Light Stops Working?

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Do You Know What to Do When a Traffic Light Stops Working?

With all of the technology around us that helps keep the world running, it can be hard to imagine what things used to be like before that tech existed. How could people have lived without all of this amazing stuff? Well, every once in a while we get to find out. As amazing as all of this tech is, it isn’t indestructible, and can sometimes come crashing down.

Take for instance one of the most important bits of technology for drivers, especially those traveling through cities: Stoplights. These simple bits of tech may not seem like a big deal, but when they go down, they can cause quite a commotion.

Who Would Have Thought Traffic Lights Would Have Such an Impact

As drivers, everyone expects that everything will go their way. Cars will drive on the right side of the road, drivers will stay in their lanes, and use turn signals when needed. When something like this doesn’t work properly, such as a driver not signaling their turn or lane change, it can be frustrating.

What can be more frustrating, and even confusing for some, is when a traffic light goes down. Traffic lights can go down for a few different reasons, such as:

• Power outage
• Computer failure
• Maintenance

When this occurs, all of the lights in the intersection will either blink the red light on and off, or they will go black entirely. This can cause a lot of confusion for drivers who were expecting the light to be working and telling them how to proceed through the intersection.

So, what are drivers supposed to do when they come across and intersection with stoplights that are not working?

How to Drive Through Downed Stoplights

The answer to that questions is actually very simple and straight forward. When stoplights go down, drivers are supposed to treat the intersection the same way they would one controlled by stop signs.

This means that drivers need to come to a full stop before entering the intersection. They should allow other drivers who reached the limit line before them to go first. So long as everyone is polite and takes their turn, things will move smoothly.

Some drivers assume that if the road they are on is a main road, and the other one a minor one, they on the main road do not have to stop. This is wrong. All cars in all directions have to stop before entering the intersection. Ironically, by stopping this keeps traffic moving in all directions.

Everyone has seen a working stoplight intersection before, and can reproduce it on a smaller, turn-based scale. For example, the traffic could proceed as follows, one car at a time per lane:

• Cars on the up and down road seeking to make a left can go first.
• Cars going straight on the up and down road go next.
• Cars making left turns on the right and left road go next.
• Cars going straight on the right and left roads go next.
• Repeat the process.

So long as everyone works together, things will run smoothly.

Just Take Turns

Dealing with a downed traffic light isn’t exactly fun. When people are driving, they expect everything to be working properly so that they can get to their destination on time. With all of the technology at our disposal, this should be easy, but sometimes, tech fails.

Something as small as a traffic light going down can greatly slow down a person’s commute. However, trying to rush through a down intersection only create more problems for everyone else. It is in everybody’s interest to work together and take turns.

Do you have another good example of when a small bit of tech goes down that had a bigger impact than you might have guessed?

Don’t Lose Your Freedom Due to an Arrest

Don’t Lose Your Freedom Due to an Arrest

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Don’t Lose Your Freedom Due to an Arrest

If there is one thing that people like, it is the having the ability to make their own choices. Everyone loves having the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want. This is why getting arrested is so unanimously hated. No one likes to lose their freedom. So, when people get arrested, they do whatever they can to get out of jail.

The most prominent way of getting out of jail, and the true legal way to do so, is to post bail. Unfortunately for many people, bail is California is too expensive. This is unsurprising when the average bail amount is several thousands of dollars. Once some people see the high cost of posting bail, they give up ono trying. However, there is a way to reduce the cost of the bail by getting a bail bond.

The best place to get a bail bond in California is here at Carls Bail Bonds. Since 1987, Carls Bail Bonds has provided clients with bonds that cost only a fraction of the full bail price. With bail bonds that only cost 10% of the full bail price, why go anywhere else? You will get nothing but the best from Carls Bail Bonds.

Getting a bail bond at 10% means that you get a 90% discount off the price of the bail bond. This drastically decreases the cost of bailing a loved one out of jail. In addition, here at Carls Bail Bonds every single client gets a personalized payment plan. This reduces the upfront cost of the bail bond and makes it even easier to manage.

• 24/7 Bail bond service
• 20% Discount
• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• No hidden fees
• No collateral with working signer
• Se habla Espanol

No one ever wants to lose their freedom. Not being to come and go as you please is incredibly frustrating. Luckily, you can post bail despite the high bail amounts thanks to Carls Bail Bonds. With professional bail agents guiding you, bailing out a loved one will be simple and affordable.

What are you waiting for? Get your loved one’s freedom back today by calling (866) 855-3186? or by clicking Chat With Us now.

Posting Bail Doesn’t Have to Be Terrifying

Posting Bail Doesn’t Have to Be Terrifying

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Posting Bail Doesn’t Have to Be Terrifying

If you are like most people, than the thought of bailing someone out of jail is terrifying. No one ever wants one of their friends or family members to get arrested. Unfortunately, an arrest can happen to anyone, and when it does, it comes with no warning. This makes it very difficult for the average individual to handle.

Luckily for Californians, there are professional and experienced bail agents who can lend a helping hand. To get top notch bail help, just contact Carls Bail Bonds. Since 1987 we have helped thousands of Californians rescue their friends and family members from jail. Let us do the same for you.

Our bail agents deal with bail on a daily basis. They know everything about the bail process and will happily help you. They are available 24/7 and will answer any questions that you have. With our agents at your side, you will have a personal guide to walk you through each step of bailing out your loved one.

Aside from just walking you through the bail process, our agents will help make bailing someone out of jail affordable. For starters, our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. In addition, we provide all of our clients with affordable payments plans designed around their budgets. Lastly, we provide qualified clients with additional discounts, such as an extra 20% off the price of the bail bond. To qualify for this discount, one of the co-signers for the bond needs to:

• Be a union member.
• Be a member of the military.
• Be a member of AARP.
• Be a homeowner.
• Have a private attorney.

While the prospect of bailing someone out of jail may seem like a terrifying endeavor, it doesn’t have to be. With professional help from Carls Bail Bonds, posting bail can be both easy and affordable. If you want to learn more, all you have to do is talk with one of our bail agents. Consultations are free.

Don’t waste another moment. Get started today by calling (866) 855-3186? or clicking Chat With Us now.

Be Careful Where You Walk Your Dog This Summer

Be Careful Where You Walk Your Dog This Summer

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Be Careful Where You Walk Your Dog This Summer

Taking care of others isn’t always easy. Often times, the other person or creature needs constant supervision to keep them safe and healthy. Without a constant, watchful eye, the dependent could cause trouble, get hurt, or worse. This is often the case with pets, especially dogs.

Dogs have a tendency to be more high maintenance than cats. Of course, this isn’t to say there are no high maintenance cats out there, but dogs take the lead. They need to be walked and cleaned regularly. Luckily, with summer here, walking dogs is no big deal. The mornings and evening in summer provide the best weather for taking a pup on a nice stroll around a park or along a hiking trail. However, there is a danger for dogs lurking along trails and out there in the wilderness, one that many people would not initially expect.

Foxtails Can Be Harmful to Dogs

Everyone knows that summer brings warmer weather with it. While this warmer weather can be enjoyable for going outside, it cooks the landscape. As plants begin to dry up, many of them begin to seed before dying. One grass in particular has what, at first glance, may appear harmless, but in actuality can be dangerous to dogs. These plants are called foxtail grasses.

Foxtail grasses are clumps of grasses that come in varying sizes. The grasses can be recognized by their fluffy looking flower and seed cluster. These seed clusters often hold hundreds of seeds that all look like tiny foxtails, which is where the name comes from.

A person has often encountered these seeds while hiking when they feel something poking them in their sock. These seeds are great at getting lodged into anything scraggily, such as socks, and can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, when a person feels the seed poking them, it can be removed easily enough with a bit of firm pulling to untangle it. Unfortunately, for fury companions, getting stuck with one of these seeds can be more harmful.

These seeds like to get lodged in dog’s furs, ears, and noses. Not only is this likely incredibly annoying for the poor pooch, it can cause a bit of harm to the pup if left untreated. The seeds can end up getting lodged further into the skin, where it can cause an infection. The infection can become lethal to the dog if left untreated.

In order to keep dogs healthy and happy, and owner needs to brush down their dog after any walk. This should remove any foxtails from the pup’s fur. Then the owner should checks for any foxtails in their dog’s ears, nose, and in-between paws. If any are found, they should be removed as soon as possible. If things start to get bad, the person should take their dog to the vet.

Keep an Eye out for Foxtails

After California’s surprisingly rainy spring, there are plenty of foxtails out their just waiting to get lodged in some poor dog’s fur. A dog owner should choose their walking locations carefully, and avoid any areas where foxtails. A person should also weed their yard and get rid of any foxtail grasses there to help keep the yard safe for dogs.

All any good dog owner wants to do is keep their pup healthy and happy, and keeping the pooch away from foxtails is a great way to do that. Has your pooch ever had a bad encounter with foxtails? Do you have any tips for dealing with foxtails, or for any other problems that a caring dog owner should know about?

New California Laws for July 2019

New California Laws for July 2019

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New California Laws for July 2019

July is now here, which means the year is halfway through already. It feels like just yesterday that 2019 started and brought in a whole slew of new laws. Now, with the arrival of July, even more laws are going into effect across the state of California. Some of these laws are more controversial than others.

Some of these new laws that went into effect on July 1st affect everyone, while others only affect some people. No matter who the law may affect, it is important for everyone to be aware of these new laws. This helps ensure that they don’t do anything that might get them into trouble. After all, claiming to not know about a law does not mean a person will be forgiven for breaking that law.

New Laws to Be Aware Of

Let’s start with the biggie, the rising gas tax. Starting on July 1st, the gas tax will rise another 5.6 cents per gallon. This puts the total amount of the gas tax at 47.3 cents a gallon. On average, Californians pay around $3.75 per gallon, which is a whole dollar more than the national average. However, this new law doesn’t stop there. It also will continue to increase the gas tax each year to keep up with California’s Consumer Price Index. The money from this tax is supposed to go to funding road repairs. This is something Californian roads desperately need, despite the already higher than other states gas tax.

Next on the list is the new ammunition law, which will require people looking to buy ammunition to get a background check that they have to pay for. The law also prohibits anyone from buying ammunition from anyone other than a licensed dealer.

Another new law will require law enforcement agencies to public share any bodycam footage of incidents that involved a shooting injury or death within 45 days of the incident. The idea behind this law is to help rebuild trust between law enforcement agencies and the general public.

One law is aimed at doctors and their patients. Any doctor who is put on probation will have to issue notices to all of their patients explaining why the doctor was put on probation. California is the first state to require this. It was spurred on by recent events caused by a certain coach for the USA gymnastics team who plead guilty to sexually abusing women under the guise of performing medical treatments.

Another gun related law prohibits the use of lead ammunition for hunting. The goal of this ban it to protect California Condors and other scavenging animals from lead poisoning due to lead fragments left in carcasses. Lead ammunition can still be used for target shooting.

One law is aimed at anyone faking social media accounts. This law makes it illegal for any individual to create a social media bot with a fake identity for the purposes of encouraging the purchase of a product or to vote a certain way. This law was in response to concerns that these kinds of bots spread false information during the 2016 presidential election.

Veterans will now be able to get veteran driver’s licenses without having to pay the $5 fee. This simple change will hopefully help veterans get access to the services they need without having to carry around discharge and veteran papers.

Keep an Eye out for New Laws

New laws are always coming into effect, either at the start of the new year or halfway through it. Around those times, it is important for a person to pay attention. If they don’t, they could end up breaking a new law without even realizing it. No one wants to get arrested for doing something that was legal in June, but illegal in July. Luckily, there are many police officers out there who are understanding of this change and will to offer warnings the first time around.

Are there any new laws that you are excited about this July, or ones that you think are a bit ridiculous?

Making Bail As Affordable As Possible

Making Bail As Affordable As Possible

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Making Bail As Affordable As Possible

Getting arrested is not a fun experience, luckily getting out of jail is an option. All a person has to do is post bail, though that is often easier said than done. While the act of bailing someone out of jail isn’t that difficult with the right, getting the money for the bail can be challenging. Luckily for Californians, Carls Bail Bonds has a way of making bail more affordable.

For starters, our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. This means that a $20,000 bail will have a bail bond that costs $2,000. While 90% off is a huge discount, it sometimes isn’t enough for everyone. That is why we offer an additional discount for qualified clients.

Arguably, the hardest part about bailing someone out of jail is getting the money to do so on such short notice. Scrounging up a few thousand dollars is not easy. Even with a payment plan, a down payment could still cost a few hundred dollars. That takes time to gather, so we offer clients with approved credit 0% down on their bail bond.

With 0% down, approved clients do not have to make a payment on a bail bond until a month after their loved one has been released. This gives our clients the time they need to gather money to pay for the bail bond. It even allows the arrested individual the opportunity to help pay for the bond. This can make bailing someone of jail much more affordable, and therefore, easier.

• 24/7 Bail bond service
• 20% Discount
• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• No hidden fees
• No collateral with working signer
• Se habla Espanol

At Carls Bail Bonds, we are all about making bail easier for our clients. One of the best ways to do that is by making the bail bond as affordable as possible. Our bonds only cost 10% of the full bail price, we create personalized payment plans for every client, and qualified clients can get approved for 0% down. If you need cheap and affordable bail help, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t waste another second. You can bail someone out of jail today by calling (866) 855-3186 or clicking Chat With Us now.

What Documents Do You Need to Post Bail?

What Documents Do You Need to Post Bail?

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What Documents Do You Need to Post Bail?

When it comes to bail, most people are a bit of a loss. After all, no one ever really plans on needing bail, and therefore no one ever talks about it. This leaves people lost and confused when they suddenly find themselves needing bail. Luckily, there are professionals available to help at Carls Bail Bonds.

One of the more common questions our bail agents receive is what documents do clients need to post bail?

An Official ID – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Whenever a lot of money is involved, companies need to be sure that person they are talking to is exactly who they claim to be. This helps thwart any sort of identity theft. All we need to see is some form of official ID, such as a driver’s license.
Proof of Residence – This will prove that you are a California resident. This kind of proof can easily be given by showing a utility bill with your home address on it.
Proof of Income – Lastly, we will need to see that you can truly afford your loved one’s bail bond. This can easily be accomplished with a pay stub or bank statement.

If a person has these documents ready to go when they talk to a bail agent, they will be able to speed up the bail process, thus getting their loved one out of jail quicker.

Bail may seem intimidating and scary, but it is actually easy, provided you come to Carls Bail Bonds for help. Our agents are available 24/7 to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. With our agents by your side, you will have nothing to worry about.

Do you want a free consultation? If so, call (866) 855-3186 or click Chat With Us now.

People May Enjoy Fireworks, but Pets Don’t

People May Enjoy Fireworks, but Pets Don’t

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People May Enjoy Fireworks, but Pets Don’t

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching, and everyone is anxiously awaiting all of the celebrations. There will be food, parties, games, and fireworks. Celebrating the Fourth of July is a big deal, and a whole lot of fun. Everyone is looking forward to it, well, almost everyone anyways.

While people are all very excited about the Fourth of July and how it is celebrated, there is one group out there that doesn’t enjoy the fireworks. Pets all over the United States have varying feelings about fireworks. Some are indifferent towards them, and others are outright terrified. A pet owner needs to consider this before they go out celebrating for the holiday.

Pets Don’t Appreciate Fireworks

Unlike humans, pets aren’t really big fans of fireworks. The problem usually lies in the fact that they don’t understand what the fireworks and explosions are. They don’t see all of the fuss as fun. All they know is that there are a lot of flashing lights and loud explosions that can shake the house. These sounds are already loud for humans, and are much louder for animals who have better hearing, such as cats and dogs.

In order to make sure that a pet feels safe and secure this Fourth of July, a pet owner needs to be there for their animal. Here are a few tips for pet owners to help their pet stay safe this Fourth of July:

• For starters, keep dogs and cats indoors for the night. This can greatly reduce the chances of the animals running away. This also means dogs should be walked in the late afternoon, early evening before any fireworks begin.
• Pets should always have some form of identification on them, whether that is a collar or a microchip. This helps increase the chances of the animal being found again if it does run away.
• Prepare a safe place or den for the animal in their favorite hiding spot. This way if they are scared, they can go someplace that makes them feel safe and comfortable.
• Be calm and don’t yell at the animal. Yelling can stress out the animal even more.
• Don’t force animals to cuddle if they don’t want to. Just allow the animal to do whatever it needs to in order to feel safe.
• Close curtains and blinds to dampen light and noise coming in from fireworks. Also have a radio or TV playing, but not too loud, to help drown out the sounds.
• Avoid leaving pets home alone on Fourth of July, this can cause more stress for them, and lead to them creating a mess in the house.
• Never leave dogs tied up outside on the Fourth of July. That is a sure fire way to stress out the animal, which could lead to it hurting itself or running away.
• Never take a dog to a firework show, even if they do not seem fazed by fireworks. This could still be a frightening experience for the pooch.


Keep Pets in Mind This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is meant to be a fun holiday celebrating the nation’s independence. Unfortunately, while setting off fireworks is a fun for people, pets don’t appreciate the loud booms and colorful flashes. Fireworks can be absolutely terrifying for them. When a pet is scared, it is up to their owner to take care of them.

Every pet responds to fireworks a little differently, so each pet will need its own unique solutions to help it stay calm. Do you have a pet that is terrified of fireworks? If so, do you have any tips to help keep it calm that aren’t on this list?

What Fireworks Are Legal in California?

What Fireworks Are Legal in California?

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What Fireworks Are Legal in California?

June is quickly racing by, bringing us closer and closer to one of the biggest and most important holidays of the year for the nation. There is no denying that the Fourth of July is a huge deal to everyone living in America. After all, the holiday celebrates the country’s founding. The Fourth of July is the United States of America’s birthday, and every citizen wants to celebrate it.

Celebrations vary depending on the location, but they all tend to revolve around a few select practices. For instance, most people through barbeques, small towns love to host parades, and people love to set off fireworks once the skies get dark enough. While all of these things are a part of the usual celebrations for the holiday, one of them can be very dangerous.

Fireworks are a big part of the Fourth of July holiday, however, they can also be extremely dangerous. After all, they are explosive devices. If they are handled improperly, then a person can harm someone or damage property. If a person wants to avoid doing either of those things, they need to celebrate the nation’s birthday safely.

Safe and Sane Vs. Dangerous Fireworks

When a person looks at fireworks, they can easily see how the colorful explosions and flames can be dangerous. One wrong move and the flames or embers of one of the devices could land on someone, or in some dry vegetation. Unfortunately, despite the obvious dangers, a lot of people out there still manage to improperly use fireworks. This has led some states to take action.

For instance, here in California, fireworks use is heavily restricted. The state of California has divided all fireworks into two different types: safe and sane, and dangerous. Safe and sane fireworks are smaller, less dangerous explosives that everyday people can buy at licensed fireworks vendors. Dangerous fireworks are what are typically used in public displays, and require a special license to set off.

It is illegal for a person to set off dangerous fireworks without a license. It is also illegal to sell or give dangerous fireworks to anyone under the age of 18.

For safe and sane fireworks, it is illegal to sell or give them to anyone under the age of 16. It is also illegal to use fireworks in certain areas, especially those that are prone to dry vegetation and wildfires. A person should look up local laws to learn more.

If a person breaks any of these laws regarding fireworks, they will face penalties, including:

• A misdemeanor.
• Up to 1 year in jail.
• A max fine of $1,000.

If a person is found to be in possession of a vast quantity of dangerous fireworks and doesn’t have a license, then they could face felony charges. These charges could come with:

• Up to 3 years in state prison.
• A max fine of $50,000.


Why Do We Have Restrictions?

As every California resident has seen over the last few years, wildfires are incredibly destructive. When a wildfire sparks to life in dry vegetation, it can quickly grow out of control. In order to prevent as much devastation as possible, the state of California has enacted dozens of laws. This is arguably one of the bigger reasons for why fireworks are so restricted here in the state.

Aside from the obvious danger to the landscape, fireworks are also just dangerous to people. They can cause small injuries by burning someone, or larger, more traumatic injuries by exploding in a person’s hand. Hundreds of people are sent to the ER every single year on the Fourth of July due to fireworks. Don’t be one of those people, and be safe when using fireworks.

Have Fun and Be Safe

The Fourth of July is meant to be a fun celebration of the birth of the United States. Don’t ruin the celebration by starting a wildfire, burning a neighbor’s house down, or losing a finger. Fireworks, while fun and pretty, are still very dangerous. Even if they are labeled as safe and sane. Fireworks need to be treated with care and respect.

Pretty much everyone here in the US has celebrated the Fourth of July at least once. What are some of your favorite memories of the holiday? Was it the great barbeque food, hanging out with the family, or seeing some spectacular fireworks displays?