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Being Safe on Social Media

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Being Safe on Social Media

In the modern age, social media is a part of everyday life for most people. In fact, over 20% of time spent online is spent on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. People love having the ability to interact with friends at the tips of their fingers. Unfortunately, friends are not the only people who we run into online.

The internet is filled with billions of people, and not all of them are friendly. There are many people out there that take advantage of social media sites. They can use these sites to gather personal information from, and target, victims. Due to this fact, it is extremely important that people be careful what they put online.

You never want to put too much information about yourself online where anyone can see it. Thieves can sometimes use the information they find on social media sites to log into other website accounts, such as a bank, to steal from their targeted victim.

Some things you should never share online are:


• Your social security number
• Your home address
• Your phone number
• Any of your passwords or PIN numbers
• Your bank account information
• Your credit card information


Anything else you wouldn’t want strangers to know, should be kept offline. When posting something online, you should imagine that the post is permanent. It is incredibly hard to actually delete something off of the internet, so you should only share stuff that you wouldn’t mind a stranger seeing.

Social media sites are meant to be fun, but they can also be dangerous. While prominent sites like Facebook are always working to improve the safety of their users, it is important to remember that they cannot protect from everything. So have fun, but make sure to be safe while online.

Can I Be a Co-Signer for a Bail Bond?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Can I Be a Co-Signer for a Bail Bond?

Have you recently learned that your friend has been arrested? Are you trying to bail her out of jail, but wondering if you can be a co-signer on the bail bond? If so, you have nothing to worry about. Any adult, someone 18 or over, can be a co-signer for a bail bond.

The real question you should be asking is if you can get any discounts for being a co-signer. Here at Carls Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we are able to offer a 20% discount off the price of the bail bond for qualified co-signers. Qualifying for this discount is simple. All a co-signer has to do is meet just one of the following requirements.

To get the discount, a co-signer needs to either:

• Have a private attorney.
• Be a homeowner.
• Be a union member.
• Be a member of the military.
• Be a member of AARP.

As long as one of the co-signers on the bail bond meets one of these requirements, everyone gets to enjoy the discount. With the discount, the bail bond will only cost 8% of the bail, not the usual 10%. For example, if your friend’s bail is set at $20,000, the bail bond would normally cost $2,000. With this discount, that same bail bond would only cost $1,600. The great news is, this discount gets better the higher the bail is set at, so it can really come in handy.

It is important to pick co-signers for a bail bond carefully, since you want to make sure everyone can afford to pay for the bail bond. On top of that, you want to make sure that you have a co-signer that helps you qualify for the discount.

To learn more about co-signers and discounts, click Chat With Us or call (866) 855-3186 now to talk with a professional bail agent.

Can a Bounty Hunter Arrest You?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Can a Bounty Hunter Arrest You?

A bounty hunter is someone who tracks down fugitives who have failed to meet the requirements of their bail contract. When a person is out on bail, they have to go to their assigned court dates and make the necessary payments to their bail agent on time. If the person fails to do this, then he will be taken back into custody.

If this person fleas, the bail agent may hire a bounty hunter to track the fugitive down and bring him back into custody. In the state of California, bounty hunters are licensed individuals who have been hired by a bail agent to track down and re-arrest a bail jumper, a person who has fled their bail.

In order to catch their target, bounty hunters are given special permissions. They do not need a warrant, and can enter the house of the fugitive if they have determined without a doubt that the fugitive is staying there. A bounty hunter does not need to read the fugitive his Miranda Rights while arresting him. The bounty hunter will have the ability to follow and arrest the person in any state.

So yes, a bounty hunter can arrest a person if he has skipped out on his bail. Due to the nature of the fugitive, the bounty hunter will have special permissions to help re-arrest the person. Ultimately, a person should never try to run while out on bail, because a bounty hunter will track him down and bring him back. The person will then be placed back into jail, and will unlikely be able to bail out again.

If a person has accidentally missed a court date, this person should contact their bail agent immediately. There may be consequences, depending on the situation, but the bail bond company will likely reinstate the bail bond without re-arresting the person.

What Happens When You Post Bad Things on Social Media

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Another day, another story about someone posting incriminating content on social media.

A few weeks ago, two Massachusetts teenage girls put an 8 month old baby, whom they were babysitting, in a refrigerator, closed the door, and laughed. The girls recorded their actions and posted the video on Snapchat, a popular social media app that allows users to share images and video instantly with friends and the community where it lives for 24 hours before it disappears automatically. In the video, the baby could be heard screaming from behind the closed refrigerator doors.

The police got wind of the incident, viewed the footage, and subsequently arrested the two minors. The girls are now charged with child endangerment, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. After appearing in juvenile court, they were released back to their parents.

Social media is not a place to post content like this. Not only is it disturbing for others to look at, but it also displays the illegal actions people are taking. It shows other lives being put in danger while incriminating those who are behind the crimes. Disturbing content like this is flagged and taken down by the social media company as soon as they possibly can. However, within a few minutes, something on social media can go viral, especially something as disturbing as this.

The teenage girls are minors and prosecutors decided not to try them as adults in court. So, the girls stood in juvenile court and were then released to their parents’ custody. If it was an adult who was being tried in court, they would not be released back to their parents’ custody after one court hearing.

You can Be Fined for Crossing the Street During the Countdown

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Believe it or not, a person is violating the law if they cross the street in the intersection when the hand is flashing with a countdown. Many Californians do not realize, or they forget, that it is actually illegal. They believe that they merely have that countdown left to get across the street safely. Actually, pedestrians may only legally cross the street when the signal shows the human figure.

Samuel Chu is learning this law the hard way. He was given a $202 citation from an officer for stepping into the street when the crossing sign was counting down.

In fact, it is not uncommon for officers to issue these citations. It simply is not widely reported, which is why citizens may not know the law. Over the last 4 years, Los Angeles police officers issued 17,000 such citations.

Now, a couple of Los Angeles politicians are looking to change up the law so that pedestrians are not slapped with such an expensive ticket for such a minor offense. Councilman Jose Huizar and Assemblyman Miguel Santiago are pushing to ratify the law and let pedestrians legally continue crossing the street until the flashing light ends and the hand stops. As expected, there are pros and cons on both sides that are to be evaluated before any changes are made, which likely would not be for some time anyway.

A citation like this is often unexpected because most people who are given one do not realize they are violating the law. To them, they are merely crossing the street in the intersection as they should be. Nonetheless, it is against the law to cross the street when the signal is flashing.

Sports Rivalries are Fun, but Must Not get out of Control

By | Carls Bail Bonds

It is an exciting time of year for sports, specifically baseball and football! Baseball is nearing the post-season so fans of winning teams are showing their dedication daily. Plus, football season kicks off soon. Could it get any better?

The love for the game is half the fun, the other is getting to boast with pride to losing teams and opponents. These are friendly rivalries and jabs that contribute to the fun of the game, but when it gets out of hand, it can really ruin the experience for everyone.

One of the biggest stories that caught state-wide media attention was about an altercation that blew up happened a few years ago. The fight was between opposing fans of one of baseball’s greatest rivalries: the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. After a game at Dodger Stadium, opposing fans approached each other arguing. The verbal argument turned into a brawl that left a Giants fan in a coma. Today he is alive, but has permanent injuries. Those involved did have alcohol in their system, which certainly played a part in ramping up their adrenaline.

Both baseball teams condemned the incident. No sport supports fights between fans. Verbal exchanges should be as far as it goes. When it gets physical, people get injured and arrested, and it gives a bad name to the team, the city, and the other fans who were not involved.

Those who get arrested face fines and prison times, a price to pay that is far more expensive than the cost of their game ticket. All in all, during this time in baseball and football, as excited and amped up as the fans want to get, they must keep themselves under control and not let someone else’s boos get the best of them.

If they are arrested, they certainly will not be able to catch the next game if they are in jail. They would need to post bail first, which can take a little bit of time depending on how much they owe and how quickly they can pay it. For bail assistance, contact Carls Bail Bonds at (866) 855-3186.

How to Dress and Act for Court

By | Carls Bail Bonds

If you are trying to get hired, you will dress neatly and offer respectable, mature mannerisms. How you present yourself is equally as important as how technically skilled you are for the position. Similarly, how you present yourself to the jury and the judge in court is very important. After all, these are the people who will be deciding your case. It is not just the evidence and arguments that your lawyer makes on the case. Your appearance is important too.

Unless you are obligated to appear in an orange jumpsuit because you are being brought in directly from jail, you will want to dress neatly and professionally. Men should wear a collared, buttoned shirt tucked into their long pants. They should have a belt on, and a tie is a plus. Men should wear socks with their shoes, and they may or may not have a jacket on. Women may wear a skirt that should not be more than 2 inches above the knee. Their sleeved blouse should be tucked in, and they should have on flats, or low-heel shoes. Women may also choose to wear long pants with her blouse tucked in. She should wear a sweater, but she can take it off if she gets warm. Across the board, clothing should be clean and free of distracting items like embellishments, wording, rips, and stains.

Any defendant must closely follow certain courtroom etiquette, and they will be advised by their lawyer ahead of time. They should only speak when they are asked to, and they must speak clearly. Remaining calm and polite is important, because growing irritated, angry, and argumentative is not going to help their case. They should sit and stand straight. The judge should be acknowledged as “Your Honor.” Looking eye-to-eye with the court shows maturity and seriousness from the defendant, which is a plus.

So much can be said about a person based on their appearance and their in-court demeanor. This is essentially the defendant’s chance to give the jury and the judge a good impression, and hopefully the evidence and facts about the case itself will back the defendant up.

You Do Not Need Drugs to Enjoy a Music Festival

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Large outdoor music festivals and concerts invite attendees to bring their friends, enjoy some music, and have a whole lot of fun. Many outdoor festivals also offer food booths, carnival rides, and other attractions. They are advertised as a whole experience, where some even run for multiple days and offer overnight camping. While the festivals provide a whole lot of fun for attendees, they also cause issues that call law enforcement to break up the fun.

One of the biggest recurring problems with music festivals is the usage and possession of illegal drugs. While alcohol may be served at the event for those who are 21 and older, smuggling in and using drugs of any kind is illegal. Illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. They are harmful to the body, and people react differently to the drugs. Some can “handle” more than others, but any amount is unsafe. The more drugs a body has in the system, the more dangerous they are to themselves and others. When alcohol and drugs are mixed, the person is even more dangerous.

Remember that summertime concerts mean that attendees are burning through their energy under a scorching sun. Staying hydrated with water is imperative in order to avoid exhaustion, dehydration, and fainting. When this happens, paramedics come in, and that is also when they may discover the patient is under the influence.

If the police find someone under the influence of illegal drugs or in possession of them, they will take that person away in handcuffs. The person faces fines and some time in jail. If they are found with an excessive amount of drugs, they can face a few years in prison.

For a person to have a lot of excitement about a concert, only to have it end abruptly because of health complications or because they were caught with drugs is really unfortunate. That is money wasted, lasting memories never had, and time lost. Getting arrested is a lot of stress for a person and it may make them think again before taking drugs at a festival. Hopefully they realize they do not need drugs. Music festivals are no strangers to some drug abuse and arrests, but it needs to stop before it gets out of control and ruins the fun for everyone.

Awkward Conversations can Prevent College Problems

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Students are trying to hold onto what they have left of summer while parents prepare to send them off to school once more, leaving them with an empty nest and additional concerns about how their kid is managing living away from home. In college, they live with their friends and are invited to weekly parties where alcohol is served, where some people take drugs, and where others engage in sexual activity. A lot goes on at college outside of the classroom. Parents know, they were kids once. Now they want to make sure their own kid is safe and making sound judgments.

As a parent, you have the right to sit your child down, no matter how old they are, and have what they would consider to be an uncomfortable and awkward conversation. It does not matter if you had this conversation with them before in middle school and again in high school. They may roll their eyes, fidget, and say, “I know, I know, I know…” but you are their parent and they are your child. You have the right to be that over-protective parent, even if you know your child is smart and always knows what consequences they can face for making poor, irresponsible decisions.

One thing you might not have talked to them about is how to cope with being arrested, if they, or a friend, should ever be arrested. Perhaps they are not arrested for committing a crime themselves. Perhaps they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if they are 18 or older, by law, the police are not obligated to contact the parents, nor are you obligated to pay the court for their release. If you want to scare them a bit, you can tell them that they would have to deal with bail on their own, though you know you would not really make them.

Additional downfalls to having the cops get involved with a situation like this is that the school may be notified of the incident and your child can be punished academically, like getting suspended or even expelled. Your child would then have to try and enroll in another university, but they would have a criminal record which may not prevent them from being accepted into other schools, but it does not look good. If their education is hindered, then their future may be too.

Getting arrested is an extreme no one wants to think about, but everyone knows it can and does happen to some students. By having a conversation with your child before they head off to school for the fall, you are doing what you can to prevent this from possibly happening. All it takes is a few minutes of a conversation to save you and your family thousands of dollars, and months of stress and worry.

How to Explain Your Spouse’s Arrest to Your Child

By | Carls Bail Bonds

If you thought having to explain to your child that Santa is not a real person would be difficult, think about having to explain why their parent is being taken away by the police. Where are they going? Why are they taking them away? How long will it be until they can come back home? This is tough information to deal with and hopefully you can figure out the best way to approach this conversation with your child.

Your child’s age will be a factor when it comes to figuring out which facts and how much information they need to know. Obviously, if your child is a teenager or older, they will have a pretty good understanding of the severity of the overall situation. If your child is in elementary school or is a toddler, they may not comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

Dealing with this is tough, but it will be important because other people around them will start to talk and ask questions. You do not want your child learn about this situation from someone other than you.

One concern many parents in this situation have is that their child may feel like their parent is leaving them, or the child did something wrong. Emphasize that this absolutely is not the case. Instead, let them know that it was the parent that made a mistake or did something wrong, and now they must face consequences. You could try telling your toddler that the parent is facing a time out, but will be home very soon. If your child is older, maybe this is a good time to have a serious talk with them about real-life situations like this.

You can try talking to a counselor, or friends and family to help figure out how to explain the situation to your child while working with Carls Bail Bonds in Los Angeles to bring your spouse home. Just like you, we want to bail them out of jail as soon as possible so they do not miss out on important family events, so that they are surrounded by the ones they love, and so that you are a united family again.


We can be reached online and at (866) 855-3186.


California’s Plastic Bag Ban

By | Carls Bail Bonds

If you are like many other Californians, you are probably still trying to train yourself to bring reusable bags to the store when you get groceries. It has been a bit of a struggle, but admittedly a small one to help the environment.

The state of California recently banned stores from using single use plastic bags in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic waste the state produces. Stores would still be allowed to offer plastic bags, but they would need to charge a minimum of 10 cents and the bags would need to be reusable.

Some people do not paying the extra 10 cents per bag, while other people hate completely hate the idea of paying for something they used to get for free. Realistically, it is not that big of a deal. The old bags were terrible, not just for the environment, but for the purpose they were designed for. Just think of how many times those single use bags broke and spilled their contents all over the floor. With this new law, shopped will either get stronger plastic bags from the store, or have stronger cloth bags that they brought from home.

The hardest part about this new law, is training yourself to remember to bring bags from home. This is something that will get easier with time, until it is second nature.

The Benefits of Posting Bail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

When you learn about a loved one’s arrest, it can feel like disaster is in the air. You might think that there is nothing you could possibly do to help, but you would be wrong. You help by posting your friend or family member’s bail.

By posting your loved one’s bail, you are enabling him or her to return to their normal life. Your loved one will be able to continue to work and earn an income. This will allow your loved one to support his or her family and keep their job.

Another benefit of bailing out of jail is being able to prepare better for the trial. Once out of jail, meeting with a lawyer becomes easier, thus making it easier to build a solid defense. On top of this, your loved one will be able to go to all of his or her court dates in their own clothes, not an orange jumpsuit. This looks a lot better to the judge and jury, which can help your loved one’s case.

Bailing someone out of jail can be the starting point for turning your loved one’s life around. He or she will be able to begin putting the pieces back together and get back on the right track. All of it, will be thanks to you for posting his or her bail.

You can learn more about posting someone’s bail by calling (866) 855-3186 or clicking Chat With Us now.

About the Bail Reform Legislation

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Bail is when a defendant, who has been charged with a crime but has not yet been found innocent or guilty through their trial, pays a certain amount of money to be released from jail. This allows the person to return home to live and engage in an otherwise normal routine like going to work and spending time with family and friends.

Bail exists because it is unfair to keep defendants in jail for the duration of their trial which can be days, weeks, or even months, especially when we do not know if they are actually guilty. However, some believe it is unfair for defendants who cannot be released simply because they cannot afford to pay their bail.

Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Rand Paul co-authored a new bill that to change how defendants are released. The bill encourages states to get rid of the money bail system and replace it with systems that might better assess a defendant’s risk to the public. If the state can do this, they would be eligible for a grant.

Currently, a defendant’s eligibility for bail is based on whether they pose a threat to the community. If they are deemed to not pose a threat, then they are granted the opportunity to post bail. This is where some defendant get stuck because they cannot pay their bail. The bail reform legislation from Harris and Paul would nix the part of requiring defendants to pay for their release. They would just be released, and because the court then loses money since they are not paying money bail, they would instead receive a grant.

Because this bail reform bill was just introduced the other week, there is a lot of progress it must make before passing or failing, and it could be some time before the public hears anything more about the matter.

The Legality of Recording and Posting Crimes Online

By | Carls Bail Bonds

It is one thing for a bystander to record an incident where a police officer is interacting, physically or peacefully, with another civilian, but it is another thing when a bystander records an incident where one or more other civilians are getting physical with another victim, and there are no authority figures in sight. In the first scenario, there is someone who is supposed to be supporting the law, and coming down on someone who just broke it. In the second scenario, there is someone who is committing a crime against another helpless individual, with no law enforcement anywhere to be seen, so the physicality against the victim can continue.

This raises the question as to whether the bystander in the second scenario should be punished for recording the crime, and possibly posting it on social media, while doing nothing to stop it and prevent the victim from getting injured, or worse.

A few weeks ago in Florida, a group of teenagers looked onto a pond where they saw a man struggling to stay afloat. They recorded the man and in the footage, the teens are heard laughing and joking at him. The man drowned and died as the teens watched. Although people in Florida are not legally obligated to render aid or call for help if they know a person is in distress, the police have decided to file misdemeanor charges against the teens for failing to report a death.

In December last year, a California teenager was severely sucker punched by a man he did not even know. The man and his girlfriend conspired to record it and post it online. The man is facing criminal charges but the girlfriend is not, and lawmakers are rallying to try and change this with a bill introduced as Jordan’s Law. This law would criminalize those who conspire with the attacker to record a violent crime. Although the girlfriend is not a bystander in this scenario because she was in on the crime to begin with, she still did not get punished. Like with Florida, true bystanders in California do not have a legal obligation to report a crime if they are aware of it, nor are they legally obligated to intervene. It could be dangerous to do so.

Posting crimes like this on social media can be harmful for the victim of the video because it can bring them more humiliation and distress. Morally, it is an unkind thing to do, but legally, it is a grey area that lawmakers and law enforcement must try and figure out so when similar incidents arise in the future, they can better pursue their case.

Your Actions can Inspire Others

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Even if you are the younger sibling or an only child, your actions can inspire others. Even if you do not realize it. Similarly to how you look up to someone and strive to be like them, someone is can be looking up to you. You want them to be happy, successful, and problem-free? Help them see that kind of life by living that way yourself.

Having a life where you follow trouble and trouble follows you is tiring. It is dangerous, time consuming, expensive, and does not produce much positive opportunity for the future. Relationships are broken this way, and people who are in this type of lifestyle find themselves rather lonely and stuck. They believe that there is nothing better for them. At some point, they give up on themselves and it is heartbreaking to see it happen.

We know, however, that if a person works hard enough and is determined enough, they can get out of this lifestyle. Better yet, they can avoid such a lifestyle altogether. It definitely helps to find someone to look up to, who can guide them. Look at this opportunity like this: two people benefit. The first person is the one who looks up to you as a role model. You are teaching them to be a strong, confident, right-minded individual who stays out of trouble. The other person is yourself, as you continue to lead yourself on a path that stays far away from neglecting the law.

If you notice a loved one of yours is struggling and could use a role model in their life, step in and be that person. Never give up on the ones you love most. After all, you would not want them to give up on you, right? Keep offering words of support and encouragement because that never gets old. Hopefully the job for you is easier, rather than harder, and hopefully there will be no troubles along the way. If there are though, if they make a mistake and find themselves arrested, keep showing them your support by contacting us, Carls Bail Bonds, so we can help you help them bail out of jail.


Carls Bail Bonds can be reached 24/7 both online and at (866) 855-3186.