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February 2017

Carls Bail Bonds Vows to Protect You

By | Carls Bail Bonds

At Carls Bail Bonds we take our vows seriously. As a company, Carls Bail Bonds promises to protect a person’s right to bail by providing families with affordable bail bonds and customizable payment plans.

Each agent and representative here at Carls Bail Bonds does their job because they genuinely want to help another family. In fact, this is not just a 9-5 job for us, it is a lifetime career of reuniting families. We are available 24/7 because others may need help, even in the earliest hours of the day or on Christmas. Nothing will stop one of our bail agents from helping you.

Some like to call Carls Bail Bonds a team of superheroes, but we just like to think of ourselves as a band of dedicated and reliable bail bond professionals who will assist you during this stressful time. This is our promise to you, we will not let you down.

Learn more about bail bonds, and get a free consultation, by talk to a representative from Carls Bail Bonds online, or at (866) 855-3186.

We Cannot Lower Bail but We Can Bail You Out Affordably

By | Carls Bail Bonds

It is not often that a judge will reduce a person’s bail after setting it. The judge is the only person who can lower bail; not even a lawyer can lower a defendant’s bail. Although it is rare for bail to be reduced, it does happen. This was the case recently in a matter involving the police shooting of a Bay Area man. The man’s original bail was set at $2 million, but was later lowered to $105 thousand after the judge reviewed body camera footage, revealing more truths and facts than were originally reported.

Because the majority of defendants will not be able to get their bail lowered, the best situation for them is to post bail using a bail bond from Carls Bail Bonds. This allows the defendant to pay for only 10% of the full bail amount over a set amount of weeks or months. This flexibility provides financial relief for the defendant and his or her loved ones.

Learn more about bail bonds by chatting with a representative from Carls Bail Bonds online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Carls Bail Bonds Genuinely Cares

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Customer Service is a big part of a company’s reputation. With many competing companies in one industry, a company must truly stand out and not only tell people they want to help them, but show it and truly mean it. A company needs to be like Carls Bail Bonds.

Available 24/7, Carls Bail Bonds is a 30 year old bail bond company that can assist with all of California’s bail bond needs. It is true that this is not the most fun industry to be in, but Carls Bail Bonds bail agents are in this business because they genuinely want to help another family in need.

Some bail bond professionals at other companies immediately give off a vibe that they are bored, hate their job, and are not prioritizing the customer. They will get the job done eventually, but they do not care about the customer at all.

At Carls Bail Bonds, clients can immediately tell that their agent is eager to get started on the bail bond process. By the end of the whole situation, the client is 100% satisfied and grateful for the work and dedication.

Carls Bail Bonds is not in this business to make money off of people who are desperate to bail their loved ones out of jail. We are in this because we care and want to help. This is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Give us a call at (866) 855-3186 or Chat With Us online if you ever need a bail bond.

Jail vs. Home is Like Winter vs. Spring

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Mother Nature is slowly beginning her transitional period from what was a very rainy and gloomy winter season to a beautiful, colorful spring. How about taking a pointer or two from Mother Nature and take on the same change for your family by helping a loved one post bail?

Like the winter season, getting arrested is associated with gloominess, cold, depression. A dark, cold, uncomfortable jail cell is where your loved one will be if they cannot post bail. With your help, and the help of Carls Bail Bonds, your loved one can be free within hours of arraignment. Once the bail bond paperwork is finalized and the initial payment received your loved one is free to leave jail and return home where they will be welcomed by relieved loved ones. Jail and a person’s comfortable home are stark contrasts to each other, much like winter and spring.

What are you waiting for? Contact Carls Bail Bonds immediately to begin the bail bond paperwork. The sooner we get to this, the sooner your loved one will see happier days again.

Carls Bail Bonds can be reached online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Yes, Your Tax Return can be Used Towards Bail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

At Carls Bail Bonds, we are often asked if tax return money can be applied towards bail bond payments and the answer is always yes. Once the return is successfully transferred into your bank account, it is 100% your money and up to you to decide what you want to do with it. This means you can use it to pay for a bail bond.

If you wish to use your tax return money for a bail bond payment, then you can write a check or send in cash. Carls Bail Bonds also has a convenient and secure online payment portal if you wish to use a debit or credit card for payment.

Make sure you stay on top of your bail bond payment plan. Keep receipts of transactions and payments. Do not fall behind because this would jeopardize the bail bond and your loved one’s freedom.

Just like you are being a support system to your loved one who is out on bail, we, Carls Bail Bonds, will also act as a support system for you. Your Carls Bail Bonds agent will be there to assist and advise you through the entire process. We want to get your loved one out of jail as much as you do.

Carls Bail Bonds can be contacted anytime, anywhere in California. Just call (866) 855-3186 or speak with an agent online.

Pay Your Tickets Before You Pay with Your Time and Freedom

By | Carls Bail Bonds

If you think that you can get away without paying for your parking tickets, think again. The longer you put off paying your parking tickets, the more likely the police are going to issue a warrant for your arrest. If you keep piling on those unpaid tickets, that warrant is going to come for you and you may not even know it.

If you find yourself slipping into this predicament, you can actually contact Carls Bail Bonds, because we can do a free, anonymous warrant check in most California counties. If you are not showing up as a wanted person, that is great, and we recommend you pay off that ticket immediately. If your name does pop up though, we can chat about your bail options. Then you will need to turn yourself in and pay those tickets.

Checking for arrest warrants is a lesser known service that we offer, as our primary service is bail bonds, which we will also definitely assist you with as well. Whenever you need bail help in California, or you need to check for a warrant, you can count on Carls Bail Bonds.

We can be reached 24/7 online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Consider Using Tax Returns for Bail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Wise spending and budgeting is an excellent quality to have because every now and then, there are purchases or payments that need to be made that a person was never financially prepared for. One example is when a person suddenly learns they need to pay for their sibling’s bail.

Now, we at Carls Bail Bonds would rather that you and your family never have to go through such an experience, but unfortunately, this kind of stuff happens. Fortunately, Carls Bail Bonds is here to assist any and all families thrown into such a loop. We will work with you to create a customized payment plan for your bail bond and it will be modified to work around your financial needs and be as hassle-free as possible. Payments can be made in cash, credit, debit, or checks. If you are in need of a bail bond around this time of year, consider using your tax return to help alleviate costs, it could be a big help.

Our bail bond consultations are free and we are available 24/7. So even if you need to talk to us at 3 AM, we will be here to help get your loved one home safe and sound.

Reach Carls Bail Bonds online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Carls Bail Bonds – A Team of Heroes

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Heroes come unexpected and unannounced. They save the day when it seems like all hope is lost. Most often, heroes are fictional like Batman and Iron Man, but once in a while, they are real people helping you at your most desperate moments.

Say you get a sudden, frightening phone call and learn that your loved one had been arrested. He or she is stressed and frantic, which makes you stressed and frantic. However, you are able to do so much more for them than they can do for themselves at that moment. If you are not really sure what to expect, you can talk to Carls Bail Bonds. Right away, you will be blown away by how much we care and truly want to help. After a few hours of our hard work, your loved one is out of jail.

See, your Carls Bail Bonds agent saved the day; he or she is your hero, and you are your loved one’s hero. If you ever need a bail bond and a hero, you can rely on Carls Bail Bonds. We will not let you down.

Talk to a representative online or at (866) 855-3186.

What’s a Governor’s Pardon?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

There are multiple ways a convict can attempt to get their name cleared if they believe they were wrongly accused or have showed excellent behavior since the crime and want a second chance. Depending on the circumstances, the convict can have their record sealed, expunged, or receive a governor’s pardon.

Sealing a record means that it still exists, but certain people like employers and landlords cannot view the information unless they have permission from the court. Expunging a record is practically erasing it, meaning it no longer exists and the defendant can legally say it never happened.

A governor’s pardon is when the convict is formally forgiven for the crime and can only be granted by an executive of the government. If a convict receives this pardon while they are serving time, they are then released immediately and no longer have to serve the remainder of their sentence. The record of the crime will continue to exist and the defendant will still have to acknowledge and disclose if asked.

At Carls Bail Bonds, we hope you will never have to reach that point of wanting a record sealed, expunged, or seek a governor’s pardon. We hope you do not even reach the point of needing our bail bond services, but if you do, we will not let you down.

Carls Bail Bonds can be reached online or at (866) 855-3186.

Carls Bail Bonds: Everything You Have Been Searching For

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Everything you are looking for in a bail bond company can be found at Carls Bail Bonds, one of California’s most trusted and reliable bail bond companies. Half of it is the services offered: affordable bail bonds with customized payment plans, 24/7 state-wide availability, 0% interest and no hidden fees, free consultations, free anonymous warrant checks, and more.

The other half of what makes Carls Bail Bonds the best bail bond company in California is the employees. We treat our clients with sensitivity, respect, and comfort, knowing that this is a delicate and stressful time for them. We genuinely care about each client’s situation and you can tell we give 100%, something that is lacking from many other companies.

Learn more about Carls Bail Bonds and get a free consultation when you need a bail bond. Professional and friendly agents can be reached online and at (866) 855-3186.

Your Tax Return is Your Money – You can Use it Toward Bail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested and eligible to post bail, they can do so by paying 100% cash directly to the court, or they can hire Carls Bail Bonds and use a bail bond that costs only 10% of the full bail amount. Paying 90% less is an incredibly attractive offer, but there is more to make bail bonds more ideal.

Carls Bail Bonds accepts payments in cash, credit, debit, and check. At this time of year, people are getting their tax returns. We have people ask if their return can be used toward bail bond payments and the answer is yes. Once it is deposited into your account and the transaction has gone through, it is 100% your money to use however you like. If using it towards your bail bond payment is how you like, then you can do that.

Remember, Carls Bail Bonds has your back. Whether you are responsible for your own bail or bail for a loved one, we will help keep you on track with your payments.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime online, or at (866) 855-3186. We are here to help you.

Iron Man – Your Real Life Superhero

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Do not let the most difficult times in your life keep you from achieving the goals you want to achieve. No dream is too big and no dream is unattainable, even with the biggest obstacle standing in your way, an obstacle so big that it is hard to see where it ends.

If you ever find yourself arrested and facing months of trial, you need to take it one step at a time. The first step starts with posting bail, and the best bail bond company to help with this is Carls Bail Bonds, California’s most trusted and reliable bail bond company. Posting bail is fast and you can be out within hours. A trial can go on for months, but at least you will be living at home, getting back to work, and spending important time with supportive loved ones. In the moment, it can seem like the end is far away, but it is there. Keep your head up.

If Iron Man can do it, meaning Robert Downey Jr. when he was dealing with his legal issues and finding success again by making movies as Iron Man, then you can too.

Carls Bail Bonds can be reached 24/7 online and at (866) 855-3186.

Learn to Act – It Helps in Court

By | Carls Bail Bonds

If you thought being sent to the principal’s office in middle school was intimidating, imagine your first court day. Prosecution is trying to pin a crime on you and your lawyer is trying to prove your innocence. The judge and the jury are trying to decide which side they believe based on what they hear. However, what they see is also going to sway their thoughts so knowing how to conduct yourself in court is important too.

• Dress like you are going for an interview.
• Remove sunglasses and hats.
• Do not chew gum.
• Turn cell phones and pagers off.
• Sit and stand straight.
• Enunciate. If a question requires a yes or no answer, speak those answers verbally instead of nodding or shaking your head.
• Speak only when spoken to and answer only what you are asked.
• Do not grow angry and argumentative.
• Trust your lawyer.
• Arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your appointment.
• Use the restroom beforehand.
• Address the judge with “Your Honor.”

If you take this matter seriously and show you are willing to handle this process maturely, the judge and the jury will see that. Now let’s just hope your lawyer builds a good case for you.

Until court, a defendant can bail out of jail so they can return to live at home. Posting bail makes it easier for the lawyer and defendant to meet and prepare for court.

If you need a bail bond, please contact Carls Bail Bonds online or at (866) 855-3186.

How Breaking Up and Getting Arrested are Actually Alike

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Getting past your arrest for committing a crime is much like getting over a breakup in some ways. Leaving your arrest in your past and finally not dwelling on it will take time. It is easier for some people to forget, harder for others. Some people can move on and bounce back quickly, while others will take their time. Eventually, just like after a breakup, you will be okay. Better yet, you will be happy and thriving once again.

Family and friends will provide constant support, offer advice and two helping hands, and keep an eye out for you. They will do their best to cheer you up, but keep reality within reach too. You will get past an arrest like you have gotten past a breakup.

This time around, you will also have Carls Bail Bonds on your side helping you along the way. We provide affordable bail bonds to get you, or your loved one, out of jail. With our extra help, your life after this arrest is within reach.

Feel free to contact Carls Bail Bonds anytime. We can be reached online, or at (866) 855-3186.

If You Think You Were Wrongfully Arrested

By | Carls Bail Bonds

In general, the public has less authority than the police. However, police authority can only go so far. They have certain boundaries and restrictions they must work within. In the instance that they make an arrest beyond the scope of their powers, they have made a false arrest and can get in trouble for it.

For example, a police officer makes an arrest based on another person’s statement. The court granted the police a warrant for this arrest. Later, it is revealed that the person lied. The person who was arrested is freed, and no false arrest was made.

However, if a person insults an officer and the officer takes it personally, arresting this individual would be false and wrong. This civilian did not commit a crime and they could take the police officer to court over the matter.

In regards to all persons who are arrested, bail bonds are available to get you, or a loved one, out of jail so that you can return home, go back to work, and better prepare yourself for court.

To learn more about bail and bail bonds, please contact Carls Bail Bonds online or at (866) 855-3186.

Can You Use Your Tax Return for Bail?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Like any money that is yours, give extra thought into what you want to do with your tax return when it comes in. Will you save or invest it? Can you afford to splurge and treat yourself to something nice? Do you need to use it to pay off rent, bills, or your bail bond payments?

If you find that you have been a little tight on money in the last few weeks and months before your tax return came in, then spending this money wisely is exactly what you should be thinking about. Getting arrested and posting bail with a bail bond could be the reason your money has been stretched a thinner than usual. You know you need to pay your bail bond payments on time, so use your tax return to catch up or even get ahead.

Carls Bail Bonds will help you keep track of your bail bond payments and see you through the entire process. Carls Bail Bonds is going to be a big support system for you through this time, so lean on them and ask questions anytime.

They can be reached 24/7 both online and at (866) 855-3186.

Carls Bail Bonds Rated #1

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Carls Bail Bonds is an award-winning, recognized, bail bond company that serves all of California. What would make a bail bond company win an award?

Top-notch customer service.
Clients can tell immediately, just over the phone, that their Carls Bail Bonds agent is concerned and eager to help.

Affordability and flexibility.
Carls Bail Bonds seeks the minimum premium payment required, 10%, and works with each client individually to create a customized payment plan. Carls Bail Bonds always finds a way to work with anyone who needs them.

Convenience and reliability.
As mentioned, Carls Bail Bonds serves all of California. Approvals can be made over the phone, but if a face-to-face meeting is required, Carls Bail Bonds bail agents will make the trip to the client, not the other way around. Offices are spread all throughout California. You can rely on Carls Bail Bonds.

Learn more about our family founded company, and see why so many people rate it the best in the state. If you need a bail bond, consultations are free and bail agents are available 24/7.

Carls Bail Bonds can be reached online and at (866) 855-3186.

Here is Why You Should Not Get Upset if You Are Getting Arrested

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Depending on the scope of the situation, the police can arrest a person, or multiple persons, for a crime, and release them later on without charging them. It can be because they are found innocent or there is not enough evidence to keep them locked up. No matter who is getting arrested, including those who know they are innocent, it is wise to not fight back with the police during the arrest itself. It does not look good to the arresting officer. This will fuel their authority and give them even more reason to believe you are guilty of something.

So what should you do if you are ever arrested? Take note of when and where this happened. Take note of the arresting officer’s name, badge, and vehicle number. Get witnesses’ contact information. Take photos and video on your phone. Never try to run, even if you are innocent, let the police go through with the arrest without hassle.

Deal with the issue now, we will help fix the situation later by providing you with a bail bond. At Carls Bail Bonds, we are professionals and can get you bailed out of jail as soon as possible.

Carls Bail Bonds can be reached 24/7 online or at (866) 855-3186.