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January 2017

Bail Bonds over Cash Bail – Here Is Why

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are an alternative method to posting cash bail. Cash bail can be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The full amount must be paid in order for the defendant to be released.

Bail bonds, on the other hand, offer more flexibility and breathing room.

• A professional bail agent facilitates the entire process.
• Only 10% of the full bail amount will be paid.
• This 10% is paid off on a customized payment plan.
• Only paperwork needs to be completed for the defendant to be freed; the payment plan extends beyond the defendant’s release date.

The main catch is that with cash bail, this money can be refunded, but the 10% for a bail bond is not refundable. Nonetheless, most people post bail using bail bonds because there is more guidance and assistance. If you have any questions regarding bail bonds, if you would like a free consultation, or if you want to start on the paperwork, do not hesitate to reach out to Visalia Bail Bonds.

We can be reached online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Can Defendants Travel While Out On Bail?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

One of the more common concerns with bail bond release terms is whether or not the defendant is allowed to travel while out on bail. The answer can vary from defendant to defendant, and depends on the situation. Here are some examples:

Jane, out on bail, has no travel restrictions. This means she is allowed to travel to a neighboring city, another state, even out of the country. She just needs to make sure she shows up for her court appointments.

Gavin just posted bail and has travel restrictions. He is a California resident, and is only allowed to travel to Oregon, Washington, and Arizona for family, friends, and business. Any states other than those are off-limits. If he violates these terms, he can be taken back into custody. Gavin needs to make sure he shows up for court appointments.

Chris has posted bail and is not allowed to travel outside his county at all. He also must stay at least 100 meters away from certain people or places within his county. Violations result in his re-arrest. Just like all other defendants out on bail, Chris will need to appear for court as scheduled.

A court is not going to change hearing dates to accommodate travel plans. Defendants need to take this matter seriously.

If you, or a loved one, are ever arrested and need professional assistance in posting bail, please contact Carls Bail Bonds online, or at (866) 855-3186.

The Right to Post Bail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

You have the right to remain silent. This is the first clause of the Miranda Rights, a set of rights the police must read aloud to anyone they arrest.

You have the right to an attorney. This is the second clause of the Miranda Rights.

The purpose of the Miranda Rights is to ensure that defendants are fully aware of their rights. Even if they are being arrested and accused of committing a crime, defendants have rights. Years ago, when the police were not required to read the Miranda Rights, the validity of some defendant’s confessions, and even the police’s interrogation methods, were questioned. Some defendants were not aware they did not have to answer the police’s questions.

Today with the Miranda Rights in place, there is less room for error and confusion, and more room for a just case.

We hope you will never need our services, but if you, or a loved one of yours, are ever arrested, you can post bail quickly and affordably with a bail bond from us, Los Angeles Bail Bonds. At Los Angeles Bail Bonds, we believe in the right to bail and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. These are the rights we can help you protect.

We can be contacted online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Mini Celebrations: Relief for an Arrest Situation

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Breaking up a long, stressful situation with small celebrations can be very helpful in alleviating pain and the stress, but the celebrations should only go so far. Say your loved one has been arrested, just think about how long it is going to be until this whole thing blows over. Think about the stress and tension. What about a little celebration after each step in the process? It really is a big deal. Like we said, keep the celebrations little. Nothing too crazy, like getting drunk or splurging on a trip. The first mini celebration should come after posting bail.

Carls Bail Bonds can help post bail with an affordable bail bond and a customized payment plan. We get defendants out of jail faster, meaning they can return home, and to work. They are able to spend time with friends and family, and better prepare for their case. Posting bail is a first mini triumph, celebrate by enjoying dinner with the whole family. Keep it tame, keep it intimate, and keep it safe.

Having a small celebration like this will help relieve everyone’s stress regarding the current situation. It will allow everyone to put it behind themselves for a moment, and come back to it feeling refreshed.

For a free consultation, contact Carls Bail Bonds online or at (866) 855-3186.

As Best Friend, Help Post Bail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

You are at that point in your life now where we no longer want to be the type of best friend who gets into trouble with the other so you can sit together in jail. That was the adolescent you. Now, you should strive to be the type of best friend who is willing to butt heads and offer to help post bail for the other. What good is it going to do anyone if both of you are in jail? Be there to help them bail out of jail. Besides, wouldn’t you want the same if the roles were switched?

You help your best friend, and we will help you. We are Carls Bail Bonds, and we will help facilitate the bail bond process. You are not expected to know exactly what to do. That is why we are here to help. We will also make sure you get the best rates and a customized payment plan to fit your needs.

Assure your best friend that in no time, they will be out of jail and the two of you will be the dynamic duo once again. However, you will probably be more careful with your actions. After all, you do not want a repeat of what just happened.

Talk to a representative from Carls Bail Bonds anytime you need a bail bond by Chatting With Us online or calling (866) 855-3186.

Out on Bail, Will More Likely Appear For Court

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Did you know that a person who is out on bail is more likely to show up for their court dates? One of the biggest reasons this is true is that their current release could not have happened if it were not for the bail bond co-signer and/ or anyone who pledged collateral.

If the defendant fails to appear in court, the co-signer feels the consequences and the collateral is taken away. So loved ones are betting on the defendant to show up in court; the defendant does not want to let their loved ones down. They want to prove to them, and to everyone, that they can handle this situation maturely and responsibly. This is why they are more likely to show up for court.

When you bail a friend or family member out of jail, you become a part of that person’s support group. You will help make sure your loved one gets to all of his or her court appearances on time, thus ensuring your loved one makes good choices.

If you have questions on bail bonds, or would like a free consultation, speak with a bail agent from Los Angeles Bail Bonds anytime online, or at (866) 855-3186.

No Valentine in Jail

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Valentine’s Day is approaching. This is a day filled with extra love, not just for significant others, but also for families and friends. Everyone has someone they can say “I love you” to, and in turn, everyone deserves to hear it from another person. If you have a loved one in jail, bail them out so you can hug them and tell them “I love you” this Valentine’s Day.”

Visalia Bail Bonds can help facilitate their release by providing the bail bond and customized payment plan. In sum, you will be paying 10% of the full bail amount over a certain amount of time. We will work with your financial situation, and create a schedule that works with your budget.

Let us help get your loved one home in time for Valentine’s Day. Jail is not a place where they will feel the Valentine’s spirit. The best place to celebrate the holiday is at home, in your arms. Do not wait another minute, get the bail bond process started today.

Visalia Bail Bonds can be reached 24/7, both online, and at (866) 855-3186.

Carls Bail Bonds Can Check If You Are a Wanted Criminal

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Did you know that besides issuing bail bonds to defendants who are already in jail, Carls Bail Bonds can also conduct free, anonymous warrant searches for individuals who are not under arrest? If you are wondering if there is a warrant out for your arrest, or for a loved one of yours, you can ask Carls Bail Bonds to check the databases for you.

If it just so happens that you, or your loved one, indeed are wanted, we can discuss your bail options before you turn yourself in. Then, once you have been arraigned, you can post bail with a bail bond from us immediately, ensuring your release.

With our help, you will spend as little time in jail as possible. In some cases, we will even be able to set up the bail bond before you turn yourself in, thus shortening your stay behind bars. If you think you might have a warrant out for your arrest, be sure to talk to one of the professionals here at Carls Bail Bonds.

Learn more about Carls Bail Bonds by chatting with a representative online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Why Carls Bail Bonds?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Carls Bail Bonds is a 30 year old California bail bond company. What we do at Carls Bail Bonds is work with families and friends of jailed defendants, those who were recently arrested and have yet to stand trial. Together, we bail those loved ones out of jail using bail bonds that are much more affordable than 100% cash bail. Here is a quick rundown of what Carls Bail Bonds offers:

• 24/7 availability throughout California
• Free consultations
• 0% interest
• No hidden fees
• Customized payment plans
• 20% discount available
• Fast, confidential, courteous service
• Friendly, professional, licensed agents
• Cash, credit, debit, and checks accepted
• Convenient and secure online payment portal

If you, or a loved one, are ever in need of a bail bond, please contact Carls Bail Bonds. Consultations are free and require no commitment. However, considering our excellent reputation and track record, we are sure you will be pleased with our services.

Carls Bail Bonds bail agents can be reached online and at (866) 855-3186.

Rainy Weather Driving Checklist

By | Carls Bail Bonds

It looks like California may be on its way out of a drought. We have seen more rain this year, than we have the last few years. With that being said, how up-to-date is your knowledge on driving in wet weather? Do you know the best precautions to take and what tips to follow to practice safe driving? Here is Carls Bail Bonds’s checklist for wet-weather driving:

Before driving:
• Make sure all vehicle lights are working properly: headlights, tail lights, brake lights, signal lights, daytime running lights, high beams, interior lights.
• Make sure windshield wipers are working and in good condition.
• Make sure your car horn is working.
• Check your brakes.
• Check air levels in tires and the tire treads.
• Take note that the first rainy day after a dry spell always produces the slipperiest roads.

While driving:
• Brake sooner than you normally would. This gives you extra space between you and the car ahead and gives the car behind you more time to react.
• Headlights must be on when the windshield wipers are in use, even if it is sunny.
• If you feel your car hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas, do not step on the brake. Keep a steady grip of your steering wheel and you will feel your car gain traction again.
• Drive at a slower speed and drive with more space between you and the car ahead.

Be extra alert when you are driving in the rain. Rainy weather causes more road accidents. Most accidents can be avoided if you simply take your time and be careful out there.

You and Visalia Bail Bonds to the Rescue

By | Carls Bail Bonds

The thought of your loved one in jail makes you shudder. The image you paint in your head is one of them looking a bit un-kept, wearing unflattering clothing, tired, sad, depressed, bored. Maybe he or she is tough, but what good is that going to do? It is not going to get him or her out of jail.

What will get him or her out? Calling Visalia Bail Bonds.

Your loved one is counting on you to do anything and everything possible to get him or her out of jail and out of this mess. You are close to being as stressed and anxious as your loved one, but when you get ahold of us, we will help you calm down.

Visalia Bail Bonds is a 24/7 bail bonds company that offers the most affordable bail bonds in all of California, at the hands of the most dedicated and fast-acting professional bail agents in the industry. Before speaking with your bail agent, you were not sure you would be able to get your loved one out of jail in time for a family event. Your Visalia Bail Bonds bail agent understands the dire need to work quickly, he or she will not let you down.

Learn exactly how Visalia Bail Bonds can assist you with your bail bond needs, connect with us online, or call us at (866) 855-3186.

The Talk of the Town: Carls Bail Bonds

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Having a loved one in jail waiting for your help to post their bail is stressful. Having a bail agent you can rely on makes the situation better. In order to find a good bail bondsman, you will want to see what other people have had to say.

Carls Bail Bonds is one of California’s most reliable and trustworthy bail bond companies. Additionally, we are extremely affordable, accommodating, and fast. Here is what some of our former clients have said about us:

“When my buddy got arrested for violating his restraining order, I used Carls Bail Bonds to get him out of jail. I’m so pleased with Carls Bail Bonds! They’re the best around with fast service. Before you consider any other company you should contact Carls Bail Bonds first.” – Melissa S. of Lancaster.

“Professional, professional, professional… John went above and beyond to assist my family. He helped us understand this process and made it as smooth as possible. We would definitely recommend his services.” – Jenny B. of Fullerton.

“Not used to this kind of service before. They were kind to guide me through the process. They were there to answer the phone when I called, and it was way after the normal business hours. I hope I do not need their services again, but if I do, they’ll be the company I call.” – Charles of Lancaster.

Carls Bail Bonds offers free consultations and is available 24/7. Chat with one of our friendly representatives online or at (866) 855-3186.

What Happens During Booking?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

When you hear that someone is arrested, you will probably hear that they will be booked. What does that mean and what do you need to know about it?

Booking occurs right after a person is arrested and taken back to the police station or jail. There are a series of steps in the booking process:

• Mugshots will be taken
• As will Fingerprints
• The defendant’s name and accused crime will be noted
• A full body search will be
• The suspect’s clothes will be confiscated and replaced with a jumpsuit
• Any personal items will be confiscated
• Any outstanding warrants for the suspect will be checked for
• DNA samples will be taken

The arraignment is what you should be even more concerned about, if your loved one is arrested. This is when the judge determines the defendant’s bail. If they are eligible for bail, we urge you to contact us, Los Angeles Bail Bonds, on your loved one’s behalf.

We have 30 years of experience with bailing Californians out of jail. Our bail agents will help you get your loved one out of jail quickly and easily. With our help, you will be able to afford your loved one’s bail bond.

We offer affordable bail bonds and customized payment plans and can be reached anytime online, or at (866) 855-3186.

Anyone Can Use Bail Bonds – Even Celebrities!

By | Carls Bail Bonds

If you think that the only people who use bail bonds to get out of jail are people who are not as well off as others, you are wrong. It does not matter what your household income is, anyone can use bail bonds to post bail, even celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan
She has had her fair share of legal issues. She definitely kept her bail bondsman busy, like in 2010 when she violated her probation multiple times. Her bail bondsman took care of everything and she was allowed to stay out of jail until her hearing.

Nicholas Cage
In 2011, his bail bondsman, and friend, helped him post his $11,000 bail with a bail bond.

Katt Williams
He was out on bail in 2009, but failed to make his bail bond payments due to sheer lack of responsibility, not his lack of funds. Subsequently he was re-arrested and ended up paying his own bail.

If you, or a loved one, are arrested and want to post bail with a bail bond, please contact Carls Bail Bonds online or at (866) 855-3186.

Former Convicts Who Are Now Successful – You May Know Them!

By | Carls Bail Bonds

Anyone can tell you that getting arrested is not the worst thing that can happen and that in time, this will be all in the past. However, not everyone can provide concrete evidence of this. It helps to know someone who has been through this and can tell you firsthand that things will be alright. If you do not know someone personally, it is helpful to read about true stories.

If you, or a loved one, are ever arrested, remember these people who have been there, done that and moved on to successful, happy lives:

Daniel Manville – Served over 3 years in prison for manslaughter. While in prison, he studied law. After his release, he attended law school and passed the bar exam.

Eugene Brown – Served time for attempted robbery. While in prison, he mastered the game of chess with a fellow inmate, a man he came to respect as his mentor. Brown viewed chess as a symbolic metaphor in his life. After his release, he began a chess club that also taught life lessons. Today, he is a successful businessman.

Robert Downey, Jr. – You know him as Iron Man, but before this era of fame, he was in and out of prison and rehab for drug addiction.

Malcom X – During his younger years, he committed multiple acts of petty larceny. He converted to Islam while in jail and became a transformed man afterwards. Today he is respected for calls for peace and his African-American rights activism.

You see, you can move past an arrest should it ever happen to you. You can be successful and happy. In fact, you can even be rich and famous. These guys did it, and so can you.

We hope you will never need our services, but if you, or a loved one, need to be bailed out of jail, please contact Carls Bail Bonds online, or at (866) 855-3186.

How Soon Can Bail Be Posted?

By | Carls Bail Bonds

When it comes to getting arrested, posting bail, dealing with trial, and all that not-so-good-stuff, the length of time it takes can vary depending on the defendant and the situation. However, the general steps are the same:

• Arrest
• Booking
• Arraignment
• Post bail
• Prepare for trial
• Trial

Booking occurs immediately after the arrest. The arraignment follows shortly thereafter. If a defendant is eligible to post bail, then the immediacy of jail release is dependent on how quickly the defendant and his or her loved ones can gather up the money for bail.

Bail can be in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Getting this sum of money for cash bail can take some time. If the defendant and loved ones go the bail bond route, then they need to only gather money that sums up to 10% of the full bail amount, and they can pay this off over a payment plan.

Get more details on bail bonds by talking to a bail agent from Visalia Bail Bonds anytime, either online, or at (866) 855-3186.

They Lean On You, You Lean on Los Angeles Bail Bonds

By | Carls Bail Bonds

You know that maintaining close relationships with friends and family is important. You get a heck of a lot of fun memories out of this. At the same time, you have people to lean on, people who you can trust, people to help bail you out of trouble.

If your loved one is sitting in jail, wouldn’t it pain you to see, or even think of, them in that situation? Well, there is something you can do to help, and that starts by helping them post bail.

Now, bail can be pretty expensive, but if you go the bail bond route, you get a payment plan and pay only 10% of the full bail amount. Granted the 10% you pay is not refundable like cash bail, but bail bonds offer more flexibility, professional guidance, and ease.

Talk to a Los Angeles Bail Bonds representative to learn more about bail bonds and how we can help you. Our bail agents are available to offer you their assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let’s work together to get your loved one back home.

Get a free consultation when you call (866) 855-3186, or chat with a team member online.

Save Your Holiday Money with Carls Bail Bonds

By | Carls Bail Bonds

The holidays have come and gone and it is a new year. You may have spent a great deal of money, but you also received some in return. Make it a resolution to not need to spend all of that newfound money on a somber situation like bail. Make it a resolution to stay out of trouble, and see to it that your loved ones stay out of trouble as well.

However, things happen unexpectedly. No one is perfect. Sometimes you just end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of a sudden you, or a loved one, are in the middle of a huge mess.

Luckily, Carls Bail Bonds will help you bail your loved one out of jail while also helping you save some of your holiday-earned money. Our bail bonds are far more affordable than cash bail and we will set you up on a payment plan that you can afford.

If you ever need us, you can contact Carls Bail Bonds anytime to get more details on our services by Chatting With Us online or calling (866) 855-3186.